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Vapiano Budapest – four more sights to see

There are a total of four Vapiano restaurants in Hungary’s capital. But spicy dishes aren’t all Budapest is famous for. Here are a few more things the city has to offer.

Whenever people think of Hungary, its famously spicy goulash soup laden with freshly sliced peppers is one of the first things that springs to mind. It’s Hungary’s national dish, but not the only thing Hungarians enjoy eating – as the four Vapiano restaurants in Budapest prove!

Some like it hot
As our Marketing Manager in Budapest, Andrea provides on-site support for the restaurants there. When asked which of the four branches she has a soft spot for, she simply can’t decide. “I love every one of them, they’re all important to me,” she admits. But when quizzed about which is her favourite dish on the menu she doesn’t need to think long. “All of our Vapiano recipes are delicious, but my personal favourite is definitely Pasta Pollo Piccante,” she laughs. The dish combines homemade pasta with tender chicken breast, pak choi and an orange-chili sauce.



Sweet dreams are made of these
Our guests in Budapest are particularly partial to Pasta Pollo di Crema, Pizza Bianca Piccante and our mouth-watering Nuvoletta Dolce. For Pasta Pollo di Crema our Vapianisti add succulent chicken breast to a fresh cream sauce seasoned with sour cream and parsley. Chicken is also used as a topping on our Pizza Bianca Piccante but this time with feta cheese, black olives and spring onions. Mmmmmh!
Turns out, the good people of Budapest like the same desserts as we do! Our fruity Nuvoletta Dolce is especially popular, but then again – who could possibly resist fresh yoghurt sprinkled with sweet raspberries and crumbly meringue pieces?

Vapiano Budapest – at the centre of the sights
It’s not just the Vapiano menu that Andrea can give advice on. She’s lived in Hungary’s capital for years now and knows the city inside out. One of Budapest’s most popular sites is close to the Vapiano restaurant in the WestEnd City Center mall. “Heroes’ Square is one of Hungary’s most visited landmarks and has statues of important historical figures all around it,” she explains. The imposing Hungarian Parliament Building located on the banks of the river Danube is another must-see.

On the other side of Europe’s second longest river sits the Royal Palace or Buda Castle as it is sometimes known. As well as occupying the highest point in Budapest, it is also the country’s largest building and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Andrea recommends a visit. Make sure you plan some time to stroll around the surrounding Castle District too!
Inside tips for sightseeing in Budapest
Andrea has one more tip up her sleeve for us. “My favourite spot in Budapest is Gellért Hill, which overlooks the whole of Budapest from the top. It’s beautiful by day,” Andrea says, looking wistful. “But once night falls and you can see the city’s twinkling lights, it’s simply breathtaking.”
And talking of nights, here are a couple more tips from our expert that you won’t find in your run-of-the-mill Budapest guidebook.

Ruin pubs – better than any bar
With a population of 1.7 million and almost 20,000 students, Budapest has a lively nightlife. Aside from the usual bars and clubs, Andrea has another suggestion where to enjoy a few drinks in the city. “A number of typically Hungarian bars called ruin pubs have sprung up over the last decade,” she explains. “They’re most common in old, abandoned buildings that haven’t been renovated for years.” Apparently, some of the locations don’t even have furniture or electricity! “The prices are pocket-friendly though and you can meet people from all over the world,” she continues. “Some of the pubs host concerts with non-mainstream bands that make for a very different experience to what you might know. There are also lots of contemporary art exhibitions or independent film evenings.”  

Anything goes in Europe’s biggest spa city
Most people hang out in bars or cafes but the city’s 21 thermal spas also have a loyal following of regular guests. It’s a true reflection of Budapest’s individuality. “There’s just so much to do in Budapest,” Andrea enthuses. “Anything goes here!”  

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Andrea!

Kim, Public Relations