Real Estate

Do you have available property that would be perfect for a VAPIANO restaurant? If you think that Vapiano would be a perfect fit for your location, just let us know.

Real Estate

It is very important for us to find properties which offer our guests an unique Vapiano experience.

In an interplay of many different factors – fresh and healthy products, excellently trained Vapianisti, outstanding service – we are looking for locations which invite to wellbeing through their design, their direct atmosphere inside and outside but also through their overall setting.

For the opening of these Vapianos we are looking in different cities for appropriate locations and spaces which meet, as far as possible, the following criteria:


1a/b or 2a/b. Town centre locations in towns with more than 100,000 inhabitants surrounded by exclusive retail shopping streets and many offices. Car parks or parking garages are in the direct vicinity. Shopping Centers with outdoor Areas.


Ideal size: 600 sqm to 1,000 sqm, ground floor at least 300 sqm, side areas in the cellar or
partly on the first floor; in case of 2 floors a freight elevator is necessary.


Preferably at a corner or in well-visible highly frequented locations, high and large window fronts in modern architecture or high-quality old buildings or renovated buildings; at least 10 m of window front. Outdoor terrace is a must.


High ceilings and light rooms, as square as possible due to our showkitchens and the front cooking as well as the possibility for delivery by 40t truck.

Technical equipment.

  • Ventilation system dining area: air changes 12m³/h/m² or tenfold change of air ventilation.
  • Power connection offering at least 180 kW and a series fuse of 200 A.
  • Gas would be advantageous; grease separator is essential.
  • Grease exhaust air condision to local regulations.
  • Size of guest and staff WCs depending on local approval.


Exclusive shops, high-quality boutiques, book shops, many administration offices offering medium-income jobs and a good residential area for the evening business.


These points should be given within a radius of 1 km:

  • 10,000 office workers.
  • 10,000 to 20,000 inhabitants earning a medium wage.
  • The age of the inhabitants should range between 20 and 65.
  • Restaurants have to be approvable within the surrounding area.
  • No tenants in the house above the restaurant (noise protection).


  • Long-term rental contracts with options.
  • Security: by bank guarantee.
  • No restrictions with respect to opening times or food and/or beverages on offer.


If you have the right Vapiano real estate outside Germany, please switch our global website.

Real estate offers for Germany by mail to:

Werner Engels
Director Real Estate
Im Zollhafen 2-4
50678 Cologne / Köln

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