Order and pay via APP
Direct check-out via APP, bypassing the cash desk
Order drinks and dolci from the bar directly to the table

Pay on your mobile phone with the Vapiano app now.

We are very proud of our new VAPIANO app. Since April 2017, it has been possible to make cashless payments in all participating VAPIANOS with our new app. You can order on your mobile phone, and there are also a number of other great benefits.

Straight past the cash desk - pay via fast check-out

To do this, you do not even have to queue at the cash desk; instead, you pay directly at the check-out terminal. Independently and self-determined, whenever you want, without having to wait for a long time in the “rush hour”.

This is possible because the new app replaces the VAPIANO chip card if you activate the app at the check-in terminal when you enter VAPIANO. Then everything that you consume at VAPIANO will be entered straight onto the app. And if you would like to order something from the bar when you are sitting at a table, you can even do that via the app on your mobile phone and your order will be brought directly to your table.

Also full of VAPIANO People benefits

But not only that; you can use it to collect People points which you can exchange for rewards and which will bring you a number of benefits such as great invitations for Vapiano treats.

You also have the option of sharing pictures on the social networks via our app.

Simply download the new free Vapiano app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Simply register a People Account, save your bank details and you can begin. 

Here is the app for the Play Store

Here is the app in the App Store


What can the app do?

  • The app replaces the chip card?

    With our Chipcard, your stay at Vapiano is just the way you want it to be. You order where and when you want to order, you chose your favorite table, and you can leave whenever you want without having to wait for a waiter.

    From now on, you can use your mobile chipcard on your smartphone for all these benefits.

  • I can order with the app?

    Allow the app to become your personal “waiter” when you want a dolci or a drink after your pasta, pizza and salad. You can make your order comfortably from your table via the app and focus on the person sitting opposite you. For your order will, of course, be brought to your table.

  • Will I still receive a guest card if I use the Mobile Payment service?

    If you use our new service, you will not receive a guest card at the entrance any more. You have to check in with the new app. As soon as you have checked in, all the orders that you place will be taken over by the app. When you leave the restaurant, you must check out again, of course.


  • What can I do if the check out scanner is not working and I cannot check out?

    First check whether you are holding the correct QR code over the scanner or whether your display is set too dark. If the scanner is still unable to read your QR code, simply tell our Vapianisti at the cash desk.

  • In which Vapianos can I pay using the app?

      • VAPIANO AUGSBURG . Fuggerstraße 18-24
      • VAPIANO BERLIN 2 . Potsdamer Platz 5
      • VAPIANO BERLIN 3 . Mittelstraße 51-52
      • VAPIANO BERLIN 4 . Hauptbahnhof Europaplatz 1
      • VAPIANO BERLIN 5 . Rathausstraße. 6
      • VAPIANO BERLIN 6 . Tauentzienstraße 9
      • VAPIANO BIELEFELD . Niederwall 26
      • VAPIANO BOCHUM . Husemannplatz 7
      • VAPIANO BONN 1 . Ollenhauerstraße 1
      • VAPIANO BONN 2 . In der Sürst 1
      • VAPIANO BREMEN . Knochenhauerstraße 16/17
      • VAPIANO DARMSTADT 1 . Rheinstraße 103
      • VAPIANO DARMSTADT 2 . Markthalle im Carree 4a  
      • VAPIANO DÜSSELDORF 1 . Martin-Luther-Platz 28               
      • VAPIANO DÜSSELDORF 2 . Kaiserswerther Straße 229               
      • VAPIANO DÜSSELDORF 3 . Hammer Straße 17
      • VAPIANO DÜSSELDORF 4 . Königsallee 60
      • VAPIANO ESSEN 1 . Rathenaustraße 2                            
      • VAPIANO FRANKFURT 1 . Goetheplatz 1 - 3
      • VAPIANO FRANKFURT 2 . Westend Duo
      • VAPIANO FRANKFURT 3 .  Hanauer Landstraße 148
      • VAPIANO FREIBURG . Fahnenbergplatz
      • VAPIANO FÜRTH . Poppenreutherstraße 50
      • VAPIANO HAMBURG 2 . Rothenbaumchaussee 76
      • VAPIANO HAMBURG 3 . Kurze Mühren 20
      • VAPIANO HAMBURG 4 . Gänsemarkt 24
      • VAPIANO HAMBURG 5 . Große Bergstraße 250
      • VAPIANO HAMBURG 6 . Bergedorfer Straße 135
      • VAPIANO HANAU 1 . Am Freiheitsplatz 18
      • VAPIANO HANNOVER 1 . Heiligerstraße 3
      • VAPIANO HANNOVER 2 . Ernst-August-Platz 1
      • VAPIANO KARLSRUHE . Karlsstraße 11
      • VAPIANO KOBLENZ . Mittelrheinforum
      • VAPIANO KÖLN 1 . Constantinhöfe 
      • VAPIANO KÖLN 2 . Habsburger Ring 2 – 12
      • VAPIANO KÖLN 3 . Mediapark 1 
      • VAPIANO KÖLN 4 . An der Rechtsschule 3 
      • VAPIANO KÖLN 5 . Im Zollhafen 2 – 4 
      • VAPIANO MANNHEIM 1 . Friedrichsplatz 1
      • VAPIANO MÜNCHEN 1 . Theatinerstraße 15
      • VAPIANO MÜNCHEN 3 . Forum Bogenhausen
      • VAPIANO MÜNSTER 1 . Königsstrasse 51
      • VAPIANO OSNABRÜCK . Herrenteichstraße 11
      • VAPIANO STUTTGART 1 . Bolzstraße 7 
      • VAPIANO STUTTGART 2 . Schlossstrasse 70

  • Do I need a People Account to be able to use the new Mobile Payment service?

    In order to be able to use our new Mobile Payment and Mobile Ordering Service, simply log in with your existing People access details or register for a new People Account. As soon as you have logged in with your access details, you can use our new Mobile Payment and Mobile Ordering service.

  • How does Vapiano protect my privacy when I create my People Account?

    You can find more on our data privacy guidelines here.

  • Can I also protect my app with a password?

    You can protect the Mobile Payment service with a password or Touch ID.

All about payment

  • I can pay with the app?

    Instead of receiving the Vapiano chip card at the entrance, you check in at the Vapiano People terminal with the Vapiano People app. Thus, the app becomes your personal chip card, on which everything that you order at Vapiano is entered. After enjoying your visit, you then check out at the Vapiano People terminal with the app, which triggers the payment process at the same time. It can hardly get easier!

  • How does my app pay?

    Simply save the desired method of payment in the APP and pay directly at the self-check out by scanning the app, instead of queuing at the cash desk. You can pay via Mastercard/Visa or PayPal, unfortunately, Amex cannot be used. 



  • Do I have to save my bank details if I want to use Mobile Payment?

    To use Mobile Payment, you have the option of saving either your credit card details or your PayPal account.

  • Where will my credit card details be saved?

    Your credit card details will not be saved on your smartphone. If you want, you can save them in your People Account, so that you do not have to keep entering them when using Mobile Payment. Before every use of Mobile Payment, you must enter your password or verify your identity via Touch-ID. This means that no one can use your app or our Mobile Payment service without your password or your fingerprint.