A pseudo cereal – why we love quinoa

Fans of soul food are bound to have encountered quinoa at some point. So including this relatively new grain in our Vapiano Specials is a no-brainer. Find out what makes this pseudo cereal so unique here. 

Although quinoa is new to many of us, it actually dates as far back as the Incan civilisation. For 6000 years now it’s been a staple food for the people of the Andes in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Luckily the tiny grains are now readily available in other parts of the world so it only makes sense to include quinoa in our first Specials of 2017! Haven’t had a chance to sample our Insalata Quinoa yet? There’s no time like the present. We’ve mixed quinoa with romaine lettuce, strips of kohlrabi, feta cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds all topped with a maple-mustard dressing. Yum! 

Tuck into a superfood 


Many people don’t realise that quinoa is not actually a cereal. Like beetroot and spinach, it belongs to the Chenopodicea or “goosefoot” family. Quinoa is also gluten-free.


And this superfood is also super easy to prepare. Simply boil the grains until they swell up and then fluff with a fork. White quinoa becomes pale yellow and slightly transparent when ready to eat. Less well known black and red varieties are also available. 


Fun fact: just like other grains, quinoa seeds can also be used to brew beer. Added bonus: it’s gluten-free!


Keen to sample the Incan gold everyone’s talking about? Pop into your local Vapiano and ask for the Insalata Quinoa on our Specials menu. Buon appetito!