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All about candles by Beautyrella

We love candles, especially during when the dark winter nights draw in. Blogger Indra from “Beautyrella” has lots of candle-based advice, including what her favourites are, the best way to arrange them and how to keep candles burning for longer.

Why I love candles so much? As well as adding the finishing touches to a room’s decor, nothing beats the warm glow they give off when lit, or the beautiful scent they leave lingering in the air. Candlelight creates a cosy, welcoming environment, no matter how cold and dark it is outside. And autumn is the perfect time to relax beneath a warm wool blanket and watch the flames dance.

Arranging candles


Candles make both the temperature and the mood of a room warmer and more welcoming. I love seeing my home bathed in the soft glow of candlelight so I position little clusters of light wherever I can. Pillar candles in different sizes look best on the floor, but please never leave them unattended. Stand them on a fireproof mat or decorative plate to prevent wax damage.

Use candles of different heights and thicknesses to create an effective display. Include tall table candles, chunky pillar candles and tea lights. Hang up windproof lanterns with candles or tea lights inside to bathe a balcony or garden in a warm glow.

Scented candles


As well as looking lovely, candles can also fill a room with a beautiful fragrance. Scented candles are now available in almost every aroma imaginable. Two of my favourite, high quality brands are splashing out on. 

As well as smelling good, scented candles should fill a room evenly with their fragrance and not leave you with a headache. Check burning time before you buy – the longer the better. The two brands above tick all these boxes, as well as looking good in their beautifully decorated glasses. 

Three tips for burning candles


When it comes to burning your candles, there are a few things to remember. Here are my top three tips.


1. Patience: Burn candles long enough for the entire top layer to turn to liquid wax. This helps prevent wax sticking to the sides which can create a tunnel. Once a hole in the middle has opened up, the flame will only burn the wick and not the wax, meaning scented candles won’t give off a fragrance.


2. Don’t blow, dip: The best way to extinguish the flame is with a candle snuffer. Blowing out the flame will leave the room smelling of smoke instead of the candle’s scent. Dip the wick briefly into the wax to extinguish the flame and prevent smoking. 


3. Keep wicks short: Don’t forget to regularly trim the wick of large or scented candles. Why? A long wick creates soot. Use special wick trimming scissors and catch the cut-off before it falls into the liquid wax and spoils your candle’s appearance.

Check out Indra’s “Beautyrella” blog for more candle tips, as well as a range of lifestyle and beauty posts!