Blogger day at Vapiano – pizza for the whole family

When some of our favourite bloggers visited Vapiano in Bonn with their kids there were some tough choices to be made. Did they want their pizza shaped like a bunny, a fish or a bear? Find out what the kids plumped for and how the food tasted here.

Our Vapiano restaurants are usually fairly quiet at 9 in the morning as they’re still closed to guests. But when we invited seven lifestyle and mummy bloggers to bring their kids along for breakfast and pizza baking, our Bonn city centre restaurant came to life!

But first, coffee. Because pizza should never be baked on an empty stomach.

The mummy bloggers were keen to try our range of coffees leaving us to deduce that baking with kids clearly requires strong nerves! Our guests got to know one another over a Mediterranean breakfast consisting of air-dried Italian ham, freshly grated Grana Padano D.O.P., grilled vegetables and mushrooms, olives, Italian salami, homemade basil pesto, buffalo mozzarella and warm Ciabatta straight from the oven. If that’s whetted your appetite you can order a Piatto Antipasti in any of our restaurants. The kids tucked into a selection of berries, grapes, bananas, croissants and sweet rolls, all washed down with hot chocolate, water or juice. Our Vapiano Ice Tea also featured on the breakfast table.

After such a tasty start to the day everyone was ready to get down to the “real work” of baking pizza. The kids all donned a specially made Vapiano apron and our Vapianisti explained the kitchen rules. Wash your hands, tie back long hair, don’t cough or sneeze over the food...all the basics every good chef knows.  

On the way to the pizza oven there was a quick tour of the restaurant, including the Manifattura. These cooking stations all have small stools at the front so children can see the Vapianisti freshly preparing their meal. Hands up who wants airplane pasta?!

The next stop was the pizza station where Vapianisti Ricardo and André were on hand to help our bloggers and their kids with the prep. The two demonstrated how they toss the dough around in the air before forming a bunny, a fish or a bear shaped base. Once the children had chosen their preferred shape, the dough was laid out on baking paper and our mini chefs decorated their pizzas with their favourite ingredients before they disappeared into our special pizza oven.

The final step was sampling the homemade pizzas. Did they taste any good? The sweet sound of silence as the children savoured the fruits of their labour spoke volumes! Only when André announced there would be ice cream for dessert did the little chefs find their voices again. The result: nine excited kids and seven happy mummies, who took the opportunity to enjoy their own favourite dishes with a summer drink while the kids were busy. The motto of our pizza baking day: you can only go home when you’ve eaten as much as you can!

Thanks to our bloggers Tina, Mi, Claudia, Mareike, Dajana, Marina and Rebecca. We loved having you and the kids!

See more photos on Instagram using the hashtag #vapianobloggerkochen. BTW – lots of Vapiano restaurants regularly host pizza baking for kids. Contact your local Vapiano for more information.

Jana, Marketing Manager