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Celebrating National Chocolate Cake Day

Everyone knows about our seductive Death by Chocolate cake! It’s the stuff of every chocoholic’s dreams and has been one of the biggest stars of our Dolci menu for a few years now. Made with lashings of chocolate and cream, it’s easy to see why it’s a favourite.

So it's only natural then, that we celebrate National Chocolate Cake day, as celebrated in America on the 27th of January. And how perfect that we have a creative cake fairy amongst us. Nadine from the marketing team was all too happy to dress up our Death by Chocolate for National Chocolate Cake Day and here she shares some great tips on how to do it yourself!

Nadine, tell us, how long have you been baking cakes?

I realised that I had a passion for baking very early on. When I was 17, I did my second school work experience in a pastry shop. Since then my love of baking has never left me. And let's face it, baking combines creativity, sensitivity and guilty pleasures. There is nothing better!

What was the most elaborate cake you’ve ever made?

The most elaborate cakes I ever made were the two wedding cakes that I was asked to make. You invest even more love and effort into these, because you know that it’s for a very special and unique occasion. A cake like this needs a good deal of planning so that you can get everything done on time, because you can’t bake a wedding cake in one day


And the best occasion?

The wedding cake I made for my sister made her cry of happiness. I was so nervous that day because I was worried that something might go wrong – it was my first wedding cake. But everything went really well and the entire wedding party were so shocked when they found out that I had made the cake, it was very special. It was a day that I’ll never forget!

And what did you do with the three Death by Chocolates?

I tried to come up with some decorative ideas for the three chocolate cakes that vary in difficulty.

Berry floral

This berry floral decoration is the fastest and simplest of the three. All you need is a few fresh rose buds and some berries. Of course, you can also use different types of flowers and berries if you want to.


Then, simply arrange the flowers and berries onto the chocolate cake in any arrangement you want.

Chocolate butterflies

My second creation is a bit more difficult and requires some practice as it involves 3D chocolate butterflies! For this one, start by drawing a butterfly (or print one out). Draw the outline onto some baking paper. Then, pour the melted chocolate into a piping bag before using the warm, melted chocolate to draw out butterflies :)

If you want to imitate the wing swing as in the photo, then lay the baking paper in an open book, then draw the butterflies with the melted chocolate and leave to dry.

Art from the kitchen

My third creation is the most difficult, because you have to do it free-hand. You’ve only one chance to get your design right and (unfortunately) you can’t use a template this time. I decided to make a floral design and paint it free-hand with white chocolate with the help of a very fine nozzle on my piping bag.

If you want to recreate it for yourself, first paint the outline of a flower and then blur the lines with a wooden skewer. Then slowly add as many flowers as you like.

Thank you, Nadine! And now our last question: who ate all three cakes afterwards?

My work colleagues! Needless to say, they were very happy about that.