Christmas gift ideas for the whole family

Every year we find ourselves asking the same question: what do I get them for Christmas? Parents-in-law often prove particularly challenging. So we’re here to help with oodles of fun gift suggestions for the trickiest members of your family. 


Desperate to get your gifts sorted and wrapped, but stuck for ideas of what to give your favourite peeps? If you’re keen to avoid giving dad the umpteenth tie or looking to impress your mother-in-law for once, you’re not alone. And according to recent research, around 20% of us even struggle to find gifts for our partners. Parents-in-law come in at second place and every tenth shopper has no clue what to buy their dad. Today we look at why these members of your family are so difficult to buy for, and then reveal some Christmas gift ideas you may not have ever considered!

Christmas gifts ideas for your partner 


Why is it so tough to find the perfect gift for him or her?

The longer you’ve been together, the more difficult it is to find an original gift. Why? Because you choose the big ticket items together. And when it comes to smaller gifts, the everyday routine often leaves you blinkered!  


Gift ideas for your partner 

When it comes to Christmas presents – or any presents really – we have one important piece of advice. Make life better together. How? All you need is your imagination. How about a book of vouchers for twelve date nights? One evening every month that you spend far, far away from the comfort of your couch. Try a new restaurant together, watch a sporting event live, visit an open air cinema, attend a white dinner or a diary slam....the options are endless. Aim to surprise your partner with something new to them, or even to both of you! Trying new things is always more exciting together.

Making your own homemade vouchers and presenting them in a smart envelope or box creates an individual feel. Why not include a Polaroid or disposable camera to record your new memories too?

Talking of photos – if you’ve been on a special holiday or another memorable trip this year, why not create a photo book, a travel diary or a canvas print to hang at home? The rise of photo apps like Instagram means we take more photos than ever before. Presenting your partner with one of those happy memories is sure to leave them smiling. 

Less romantic but still high on our great gift list: a happy home. Don’t worry, we’re not about to suggest white goods. Here’s a great idea for couples who squabble about chores. Give your other half a homemade voucher for a chore they loathe. It’s so tongue-in-cheek, we think it’s brilliant! As well as a laugh when they open it, everyone can look forward to a tidier home and less bickering. Both hate cleaning? How about organising a cleaner as a gift? Check out options online at “Helpling” or “Book a Tiger”. 

Christmas gift ideas for your dad


Why is it so hard to shop for dads? 

Are you in the same boat as us? You’ve got loads of ideas for mum’s present but literally zilch for dad. That’s because mums say what they want. And dads, well, they keep stumm. Except if you ask them for DIY advice. Obvs. 


Gift ideas for your dad: 
When it comes to gift shopping for dads, you need to translate the things he’s interested in into real life. If your dad insists on driving the van when you move or believes he’s the only one who can park the car with a caravan, how about treating him to a driving experience where he can test his skills in a racing car. Or even a tank!  Is your dad a passionate BBQ-er? Send him on a barbecue course where he can hang out with fellow chefs. Make sure you accompany him so you spend some quality time together. And don’t forget the camera!

If you buy ties because that’s literally what he wants, then make an event out of it. Incredibly, some dads love being treated to a shopping trip where they get to choose a new wardrobe and you pick up the tab. And if he hates hitting the shops, why not order a selection online and let him try them out in the comfort of your (his) home? No matter how much he protests initially, he’s bound to enjoy the attention lavished on him.

Christmas gift ideas for your mother-in-law and father-in-law (to be)


Why is it so difficult to get it right? 

The answer is simple. Some lucky readers can skip this paragraph with a smug smile. But the reality is that many of us have clashed with their parents-in-law at times. And that can make giving a gift tricky because the last thing you want is another “faux-pas”. On the flip side, you don’t want their gift to be too dull either. And so the great debate begins... 


Gift ideas for parents-in-law

Our mantra parents-in-law is “exceptional but not extraordinary”. Show them you care. And avoid gifts that could be interpreted as any form of criticism at all costs. No home utensils, no clothing, no beauty products, no wrinkle cream. Unless you’re adding to your mother-in-law’s existing collection of cosmetics, like a new hand cream. Try to remember the little things. Which newspaper or magazines do your parents-in-law read? Find out and buy them an annual subscription. Does your mother-in-law always have cold feet? Some luxe cashmere socks are sure to be appreciated. Does your father-in-law suffer from a bad back? How about a voucher for a massage? Showing that you listen and you care is the key to a happy and peaceful Christmas.

Good luck, gift hunters. And a very happy Christmas to you all!