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Creating a mini herb garden – here’s how

Want fresh herbs at your fingertips all year round? Blogger Mona shows us how to create a stylish mini herb garden on your window sill.

Thyme, mint, basil – what would Italian cooking be without its herbs? They lend every dish a fresh note, both visually and in flavour! At Vapiano, pots on each table mean you can flavour your meal with fresh herbs all year round. And if we had our way, everyone would have their own collection of potted herbs at home too. So today blogger Mona is here to tell us how to create your own mini garden that looks as good as it tastes!

Let’s start with the good news. You don’t need a garden or even a balcony to grow your own herbs. A spot on a kitchen counter or a window sill are just as good. Because as well as tasting good, these herbs look great too! And although lots of herbs are too sensitive for the cold temperatures outdoors, most will flourish in the warmth of your home.

Creating a mini herb garden – everything you need

First of all, you need to decide which herbs you want to grow. Whether basil, rosemary, thyme or mint – it’s all down to personal preference.


For every herb, you’ll need a glass jar or pot. Choose a theme that matches your interior, or mix old and new to create a relaxed vintage look. Next you’ll need potting soil and a pair of scissors.


Mona has designed some fun labels to attach to each pot with a wooden peg or clip. Print them out here.

Creating a mini herb garden – step by step

Remove the herbs from their plastic pots and plant in your own containers using the potting soil. Print and cut out the labels before attaching them to each pot with a wooden peg or clip. Don’t forget to water them regularly. That’s all there is to it.


Arrange the pots on a window sill or a shelf. You could try standing them on a slab of marble or a wooden board – whatever floats your boat!


The same applies to how you use your fresh herbs. In a Hugo cocktail with fresh mint, lime, elderflower syrup, Prosecco and soda water. Or a tomato sauce with fresh rosemary and basil. Or some crusty Ciabatta bread with fresh tomatoes, rosemary, thyme and melted cheese. Soon you won’t recall what life was like without them!


Read more of Mona’s blog “IchliebeDeko”. There are lots of tips about starting your own herb garden as well as some fun crafty ideas for weddings, interiors and kids.