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DIY – wrapping Mother’s Day gifts

The 8th May is Mother’s Day. Today, blogger Emilia has some fab tips on how to beautifully wrap your present. And for those still searching for some special, we’ve got some great gift ideas too.  


We all know that every day should be like Mother’s Day, but the official date is the second Sunday in May. This is the occasion we collectively show our love and gratitude for everything our mothers do. Whether it’s a meal out, a day trip, a homemade cake or a bouquet of flowers – as long as it brings a smile to her face, that’s all that counts.


Emilia’s Mother’s Day gift wrapping


Blogger Emilia from “Emilia und die Detektive” chatted to us about how to wrap our Mother’s Day gifts in an extra special way. Emilia, a self-employed Media Designer and Social Media Manager, has been blogging since 2011 about all life’s lovely things – from recipes to interiors, fun people she’s met, favourite cities and crafting.

To try Emilia’s gift wrapping


you will need the following materials:

  • Black wrapping paper
  • Glossy red paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Coloured string
  • A heart-shaped hole punch 
  • Real life miniature roses
  • Cellophane foil
  • Black tissue paper


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sellotape

This method is simple and chic with no need for fancy bows or fussy details. As you can see, I used some basic materials that can be mixed and matched in all kinds of ways. This way, you can adapt the wrapping to your own personal taste for a more tailormade feel. Simply choose your favourite design and take it from there!


To wrap this mug I used black wrapping paper. I then used the hole punch and the red paper to make some tiny hearts, and stuck them to the front of the gift with glue.

Vouchers are another Mother’s Day favourite. I wrap them in smart black wrapping paper before tying up with string and adding three or four real life red roses.


If you have a selection of gifts (a voucher and a bowl for example) you can easily wrap them together.


I used black tissue paper to make a bowl for the real bowl to sit in, and then placed the voucher inside before wrapping in clear cellophane. I tied the top with string and attached three red roses. A handwritten gift tag adds the finishing touches.

Another classic Mother’s Day present is a bottle of wine or Prosecco. Instead of shop-bought bottle bags choose some plain wrapping paper and tie the bottle at the top using a colourful ribbon. Knot string around the bottle and add a handwritten gift tag. Cheers! 


Thanks Emilia. When gifts are so elegantly wrapped, it almost seems a shame to unpack them!

Mother’s Day gift ideas

Those of you paying attention will have noticed that Emilia choose a Vapiano Home Cup and a Vapiano Pasta Dish for her photos. We also have a few other ideas for foodie mothers up our sleeve!


As we’re open early until midnight on most days, you can even pop in early Sunday morning and pick up something special if you haven’t had time. Our Vapiano merchandise makes a welcome change to last-minute flowers from your local service station!


Or how about treating your mother to a meal at Vapiano? There’s no need to make a reservation, simply drop in on your Sunday walk! A gift voucher is another idea if you have other plans. As well as a huge selection of fine and sparkling wines, we also stock a range of smart kitchen accessories, such as our pasta bowls and the one and only Vapiano Home Cup. And now you know how to wrap them all too!


Happy Mother’s Day – however you choose to spend it!