Eating vegan: food blogger Lena shows us how it’s done

The vegan lifestyle is rapidly gaining in popularity with vegans no longer being considered fussy eaters.  But how easy is it to eat vegan on a daily basis? Food blogger Lena Suhr has been a vegan since 2008 and shares her own experiences and recipes on her blog since 2011. We asked her why she decided to switch to a vegan lifestyle and whether she misses the culinary diversity.  

Lena, what prompted you to become a vegan?

Ethical reasons. I had reached a point where I didn’t want to consume any more animal products. I’d heard about vegan lifestyles before and had met other vegans. And when my local butcher closed down I had no idea where else to buy “ethical meat”, so I decided to no longer eat it. 


How do people react when you say you’re a vegan?

Reactions are generally positive. People are now much more open to the idea than a few years ago. The tiresome jokes about vegans have almost disappeared, and people are usually interested and ask a lot of questions. When I eat out, I often have to share what I’ve ordered because my friends want to try it!


Is it easy to eat vegan in everyday life?

Definitely! I can shop almost everywhere and nowadays there’s a huge range of vegan products available. It’s also easy to dine out as a lot of restaurants offer a vegan alternative. If there are dishes that aren’t clearly marked, I just ask whether they are suitable for vegans. There’s always something. Lots of products you don’t expect to be are actually vegan.


So you don’t feel you’re missing out on anything?

No, not at all. I’m very creative with what I eat and use interesting ingredients to expand my range of choices – like quinoa and Chia seeds for example. You can mix them with water to create an alternative for egg white.


What’s your favourite dish?

A burrito bowl with lots of fresh salad, spicy black beans and avocado! I love Vapiano’s Pizza Bruschetta too – I simply ask the Vapianisti to leave out the Grana Padano and Mozzarella so it’s suitable for vegans.


So you can still enjoy dining at Vapiano as a vegan?

Absolutely. Vapiano offers a broad range of dishes that vegans can eat by simply requesting a particular ingredient is left out, cheese for example. You can tailor your favourite pizza and pasta dishes and select your favourite ingredients. You can also check out Vapiano’s online summary of all of their vegan options. Naturally there’s always room for more choice but Vapiano is definitely on the right track! 

Jana, Marketing Manager