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Enjoy the outdoors – with a Vapiano picnic!

We love summer – staying out late on the terrace or in parks, wearing shorts and flip-flops, picnicking with friends… Blogger Kathi shows you just how nice and cozy a picnic with your favorite pizza and pasta can be! 

We have waited for the spring and the first warm days. And now, a blink of an eye later, we can finally spend our free time outdoors again. Because the sun, summer temperatures, good mood and long days have moved in with us a little faster than expected – Hello, summer in the City!


The parks are filled up, the best places quickly occupied. So it's good to have your little secret corners where you can have a delicious picnic with friends or just your best friend. There is nothing better than spending time with your loved ones outdoors, right? There's only one thing left to do, top it all off with a great meal. Luckily, thanks to the great take away and delivery service from Vapiano, we can also take our favorite food with us to eat on the picnic blanket.

How the take-away and delivery service works

You can either call at your favorite Vapiano, order online – via the website or app – or place your order at your local restaurant. If you order online or via app you can relax at home whilst browsing thorugh the menu, just select the desired pickup time and click "order." You can pay in advance or, if you are placing your order in the restaurant, pay in the restaurant itself.


In many Vapianos, there is even a separate take-away pickup counter so you can get your hands on your food in no time. Your food will come ready and packed safely for transport – it's even easy to take on your  bike – so you can carry it to your favourite location!


In order to keep your meal fresh, ingredients such as rocket, spinach or Grana Padano D.O.P. are packed separately making the perfect excuse for a small competition among friends. See who can decorate their pizza the best?! I personally love to add the toppings myself that way everything stays fresh and crisp!


The packaging makes it easy to transport the food by bike and you can really enjoy your meal in the picnic blanket! All that's left to do is to start eating!


For me, the all-time classic pizza is the perfect choice when it comes to picnics. You don't need cutlery and can easily share with your friends. And that's exactly what a picnic should be like. But pasta and salad fans can also enjoy their favorite dish outdoors, because of course, Vapiano will give you the right cutlery to take with you.


To satisfy my sweet tooth, I ordered a Dolci too – of course. And there's an "on-the-go" version available for these which means they aren't served in the typical glass, but of course they taste delicious, nevertheless! 

We also shared a Rosé and some of the new iced teas by Vapiano with our meal. Nothing tastes better than a drink with friends, right?! Cheers!


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