Five questions for our favourite Instagrammers: Melina Alt

Abu Dhabi, Cannes, Greece... travel blogger Melina has certainly clocked up some air miles this year. We put five questions to her about her biggest passion. Up, up and away!

Melina’s blog whisks us away to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. As part of our “Five questions for our favourite Instagrammers” series we sat down for a chat with her. She told us all about her personal highlights to date, plus what she has planned for the future.

Hi Melina! Thanks for taking time out to chat to us. Start by telling us what travel means to you.

I love travelling! There’s no place I feel freer than on a plane. Whenever I saw a plane as a child, I always imagined myself on board, jetting off to some exotic destination far, far away. I always wanted to travel and I’m so grateful I’m able to do it now.

From snow-capped mountains to white sandy beaches, you’ve been everywhere. What was your most exciting trip?  

It has to be Havana. We visited in cooperation with a travel company and were completely unprepared for how much Cuba had to offer. The trip to Havana was completely different from anything else I’d experienced.
Fiji was another highlight. My husband Andi and visited the islands there as part of a mini world trip when we first started travelling. It was paradise and just as I had always imagined. Similar to the Maldives but with more vegetation.

We’re curious. Is there anything left to do on your travel bucket list?

I’ve always wanted to go to the Seychelles, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Maybe next year? Who knows!

How do you decide where to go? And when you’ve booked, how to you prepare? Do you read travel guides or just arrive and see where the journey takes you?

I often choose my destinations based on their trend factor. Tel Aviv is big news right now. However, sometimes it will be a place I’ve always longed to visit, or even a paid cooperation. Once I know where I’m headed I plan everything carefully. I read blogs, look at Instagram and check hashtags months beforehand. It’s a great way to discover hot spots you would otherwise never know about.

Which superpower would you choose and why: the power to teleport yourself anywhere on earth, or the power to speak every single language?  

Definitely the languages! I mean, I can already fly and travel, right?

Thanks for the interview Melina, and enjoy your next trip.
You can follow Melina and see where her travels take her at. Warning – followers may be overcome by feelings of wanderlust!