Flowers for the people – five of Germany’s best urban gardening projects

Finally a solution for all our green-fingered readers who don’t have their own garden to go wild in! Lots of major cities now offer exciting urban gardening projects everyone is welcome to take part in. Germany’s leading the way so we’ve compiled our top

Querbeet Leipzig


The initiative “Querbeet” has created a functional green space to the east of Leipzig. But this urban gardening project is more than just a vegetable patch. People meet to discuss local politics, the regional and global food supply and environmental protection. As well as learning new things, it’s a way of giving back to the local community. 

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Prinzessinnengarten Berlin


Back in summer 2009 it was just a piece of barren land in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. All until a group of around 100 volunteers teamed up to rid the area of rubbish and create a haven of green now known fondly as Berlin’s "Princess Garden". More than 500 types of vegetable and herbs are grown here by the local community. The past few years have also seen the construction of a three tier wooden structure that offers more gardening space and the opportunity to learn all about nature. It’s well worth a visit when you’re next in Berlin. 

Stadtgarten Nuremberg


Nuremberg’s “City Garden” is home to lots of organic fruit, vegetables and herbs. The gardening community focus on plant diversity and the reintroduction of older species. There’s even a cooking workshop for budding chefs. Visit the webpage to register. 

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Gartendeck Hamburg


You’ll even fund urban gardening tucked away behind the graffitied walls of Hamburg’s notorious St Pauli district. The city’s “Gartendeck” project encompasses a mind-boggling 1100 m² of roof space, a 400 m² green area, 650 planted bakery boxes, 172 different plant species, five bee colonies, four compost heaps and a worm box. An impressive project set to warm the cockles of every hobby gardener’s heart!

UmweltKulturPark Dortmund 


Dortmund’s “UmweltKulturPark” is located in a huge open space south of the city centre. All kinds of plants are crops are spread across 12 hectares. The urban gardeners’ aim is the repopulation of wild plants and animals. The park is home to a number of old orchards with traditional fruit species, and in autumn you can even pick your own apples straight from the tree. Meander through the park and marvel at nature’s beauty.