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Four romantic ideas for the perfect homemade Valentine’s Day gift

The day of love is fast approaching and you still haven’t found the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Don’t worry - we've found four ideas so that you can make something special.

Your next date night made easy!

We all love gifts especially when they’re given from the heart. So this idea is the perfect Valentine's Day gift – a jar filled with activities for you to do with your significant other on your next date night. Let's be honest, sometimes it's difficult to decide whether you want to go to the cinema, your favourite restaurant or the swimming pool. This gift will help with that – just write down a number of activities that you like doing best with your better half on some pieces of paper and put them into a pretty glass jar. Just stick a "Date Night" sticker on the front – et voilà! 


Start your day right ...

... with a romantic breakfast in bed. There’s no better start to the day, right? And better still, this Valentine's Day gift is super easy. Just arrange your sweetheart’s favourite breakfast on a tray and carry it to the bedroom. If you don’t have time to have breakfast together before work, pack your SO a packed lunch instead, just follow our tips for packing a special lunchbox here. For added brownie points, write your love a little note and hide it in the box for them to find in their lunchbreak. 


Flowers are a girl's best friend

Men beware! On Instagram all you will see in the lead up to Valentine’s Day is boxes and and boxes of flowers. But flower boxes can be pretty expensive, although if you want to make the investment they can last for up to 3 years according to the manufacturers. For those spontaneous people amongst you, who are still looking for a Valentine's Day gift, why not make your own flower box – your creativity and DIY skills are bound to impress! So, what are you waiting for? Go to the craft shop and buy the materials! You can find instructions for making your own homemade box here, just click on the pin.


A guaranteed winner

This Valentine's Day gift is guaranteed to be better than any of the other scratch cards out there, that’s because it's homemade and you win every time. To make this little surprise yourself, you need a message, in the form of a love note or a voucher, which can be revealed by scratching. To make this, print your chosen text on some thick paper. Then cover the text with a wide piece of transparent adhesive tape. Then mix some washing up liquid with some acrylic paint (1 part washing up liquid to 2 parts acrylic paint), apply several layers of this mixture onto the tape before letting it dry for an hour, or at least until you can no longer read the text under the tape. Then you’re ready to give your loved one your very own scratch card!

Of course, in honour of Valentine’s Day we also have something up our sleeve too! So come to Vapiano and order your favorite pizza. Make sure to ask for it in a heart shape for another tasty surprise for your beloved!