#FridayFive: Five root vegetables

Finally, it’s time for root vegetables again! In our #FridayFive, we introduce you to our five favourites such as parsnip, salsify and yacón and give you tips on what they taste like and how to prepare them.


Although this root vegetable is also known as the Germanic root, the parsnip has long been forgotten in Germany. That’s because at some point we Germans chose potatoes instead. In fact, this root vegetable can be prepped in a similar way to potatoes and tastes great in stews, soups and purees. You can enjoy this sweet and nutty tasting root vegetable from October to March.



Granted, at first glance the salsify doesn’t look all that tasty. But, underneath its black shell, hide white sticks hence the nickname "winter asparagus". However, that’s where this root vegetables similarity to asparagus ends, although it is prepared the same way, it tastes spicy, nutty and intense. The salsify celebrates its season from October.



Yacón is the most exotic amongst the root vegetables. It comes from South America and unlike the other root vegetables it’s not used for stews or soups. You can enjoy this root, which looks like a sweet potato, raw or make chips with it. Yacón can also be processed into a syrup or powder and used as an alternative to sugar. This root vegetable is available all year round.


Sugar root

The sugar root probably comes from eastern Asia, but since its arrival in northern Europe, many farmers now also grow this root vegetable in their fields. The root bundles of this perennial are sweet and have a floury consistency and a woody middle strand, which you shouldn’t eat. You can cook sugar root in broth, fry in the pan or prepare like salsify. Like the parsnip, the sugar root has season from October to March.



The ultimate classic amongst the root vegetables are carrots, of course! You probably associate these  vegetables with the colour orange, right? But, you can also find white, yellow and purple carrots! Orange carrots are best known, because these are available all year round. Carrots are excellent for cooking, blanching, simmering, baking or spiralizing into delicious vegetable noodles.

We hope you enjoy these delicious root vegetables – get stuck in!