#FridayFive: Five table decoration ideas for the late summer

Are you planning a final garden party to say goodbye to the summer? Then, of course, you need some chic table decoration, here are five ideas that we’ve put together to inspire you. 


The summer is slowly but surely coming to an end and autumn is in the starting blocks. But that’s no reason to forego garden parties with your nearest and dearest! For these parties you need the perfect table decoration to show off your sparkling drinks and delicious food and to set the mood. Inspired by our urban garden specials, which are arriving this month, we have put together five examples for table decoration using different flowers and other materials that you can find in your garden.


Colour blocking 

You remember the Colorfood trend, right? Well, this table decoration takes inspiration from this trend.  Give your table a fresh look by colour blocking and combining colours that are on opposite sides of the colour spectrum, like blue and yellow. Then just add some potted flowers or even some home-grown lemons to complete the look.


Table decoration for fans of cacti and succulents 

Is your balcony or terrace teeming with cacti and succulents? Perfect! Gather all of these together and give them pride of place, right in the middle of your table. Even better, the beige flower pots can be combined with any other colour.


Minimalist table decoration

Are you in love with the current minimalism trend? Then this table decoration idea is for you – a white tablecloth, white plates, white flowers and clear glasses. Add some gold cutlery (or some that is darker in colour) and some rolled-up napkins decorated with a branch from your garden and there you have it! 


The perfect transition: autumn table decoration

For those who can’t wait for autumn, we have an autumnal table decoration idea up our sleeves. For this, just play with reddish hues and add some nice accents like grasses, ferns and other little autumnal treasures, such as figs or corn cobs. 


Table decoration without...a table

If you don’t own a garden and there is not enough space for your guests on the balcony, why not invite your guests to a relaxed picnic? You can use pallets to create a table in no time at all – then just add some cute tealights and flowers. Keep your eye out for tree trunks in your area as you can use these to add even more decoration to your picnic. 


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