#FridayFive – five tips for an Autumn getaway

In need of inspiration for your next Autumn getaway? As part of our #FridayFive, here’s five tips for getting away and enjoying the changing colours of this wonderful season.

The work week is over and the sun, peaking in through your curtains is making you crave an autumn getaway! Here’s our top five ideas for escaping the Autumn blues, and making the most of rainy days.


Fun in the forest

We love spending time in nature, especially in the winter months. Most of us spend our days indoors, so the weekend is a great excuse to get out there and get some fresh air. What better way to do that than by spending a relaxed Sunday afternoon enjoying the sunshine in the woods? For all the forest lovers amongst you who also like eating mushrooms, a woodland walk can also be used to gather wild mushrooms – just make sure you know which ones to look for!

Pure relaxation

Grey sky and drizzle outside? No problem. For anyone who shivers from the beginning of autumn all the way through to May and is in need of some relaxation – the sauna is the perfect place for you! And the best thing is that there are saunas in almost every swimming pool or fitness centre. Many saunas offer different temperatures and special infusions at fixed times throughout the day. So stick your towel and flip-flops in your bag and take a quick autumn getaway for the afternoon! And, to make sure you’re completely relaxed, take your Vapiano favorite pasta or pizza home afterwards as a takeaway.


Natural History Museum - Autumn trip for the whole family

Let's be honest – we don’t go to museums as often as we’d like to. There are a lot of different museums here in Germany, so don’t let the image of old oil paintings and strict museum attendants put you off. If you know where to look, there are exhibitions for almost everything, exciting guided tours and even courses to help you release your inner artist. Or, if that’s not really your thing, what about taking a trip to a natural history museum? The kids will love it for sure, and where else can you see a full-sized dinosaur skeleton?

Get lost together!

You’ll need your friends and family for this special autumn getaway! It’s time to take a trip to a maze! In Germany, there are a number gardens with special labyrinths in the grounds, this is a great way to spend an afternoon, racing each other or setting extra challenges along the way! Who will be the first to make it to the end?

Release your wild side!

This one’s a classic! Why not visit the wildlife park? We all know that a sunny autumn day can be made even better in the company of deer, rabbits and other cute animals in need of some serious petting! And here’s little tip for all those who love collecting conkers or horse chestnuts – many game parks have wild boars which would love to share your collection!

Enjoy your Autumn getaway!

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