#FridayFive – five ways to eat sweet chestnuts

We’ve already discussed the difference between conkers and chestnuts. Now it’s time to show you five delicious ways to enjoy the latter. 


Chestnut soup

Loyal Vapiano fans will already be familiar with the chestnut soup that features on our winter Specials menu every year. It’s hot, it’s tasty – what’s not to like? Try adding croûtons or caramelised onions for an extra kick. You can also order it to go and enjoy it on your lunch break. 

Chestnut croquettes

 Yes, you read that correctly. You can make croquettes using chestnuts! Depending whether they’re warm or cold, squash the chestnuts with a fork or blitz in a blender before adding eggs, soured cream and milk. Season and roll in breadcrumbs before frying lightly. An easy recipe to get you started.


Chestnut spread

Thinking chestnuts sound a bit dull? Wait until you’ve tried this. Whizz pre-cooked chestnuts in a blender to create a smooth topping for your breakfast toast. Add sugar or even a splash of rum to create a fun alternative to chocolate spread. A jar of homemade chestnut cream makes a great gift too. 

Chestnut syrup

Another brilliant gift idea is a bottle of chestnut syrup to add to coffee or drizzle over ice cream and desserts. It’s super easy to make. All you need is sugar, water, cinnamon and salt. Oh, and the chestnuts of course.


Chestnut cake

You can also use chestnuts for baking. Whether cakes, tarts, muffins or bread, chestnuts taste delicious in all of them. Our personal favourite: chestnut cake served with a glass of red wine and some chocolate. Or go for the double whammy by trying chestnut bread with chestnut spread on top!

Feeling inspired to try being more adventurous with chestnuts? Buon appetito!