#FridayFive: our top 5 types of apple

Apples have just come into season and we can’t get enough of them! Today we reveal our favourite varieties and show you how to best prep Boskoop, King of the Pippins and more.

Although some types of apple are ready to eat in August, their peak season is traditionally in September. There are over 2000 varieties in Germany alone, so to help you choose one we’ve compiled our top five cultivars.

Belle de Boskoop: This apple is easily recognisable by its rough, matt, reddish-brown peel. As the name suggests (and like many of its counterparts), this variety originated in the Netherlands. Thanks to its intense flavour, Boskoop apples are ideal for cooking or pureeing.

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King of the Pippins: The King of the Pippins is one of the oldest and lesser known types of apple. It’s a crunchy fruit with a golden to reddish skin. King of the Pippins taste sweet-sour and slightly nutty – perfect for a moist apple cake!

Jonagold: A large apple with crimson skin and a crunchy, sweet-sour taste. It’s best eaten raw, either sliced as a snack at your desk or diced for a fruit salad. Jonagold is one of the most popular apples for juicing.

Cox’s Orange Pippin: A classic winter apple with a mottled, reddish-brown skin and soft flesh. A sweet-subacid flavour makes this cultivar idea for making baked apples. Whether filled with gooey marzipan, juicy raisins or crunchy nuts, the sweet taste guarantees a delectable treat on a cold, dark night!

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Granny Smith: This apple is best known for its bright green colour. The flesh is firm, juicy and tart –     making it ideal for baking. However, if you have a sweet tooth this is not the apple for you! And here’s a fun fact. The Beatles were huge Granny Smith fans and even used one as the logo for their record label “Apple Records”.

Storage tip: Never keep apples with other fruits. They contain ethylene, a natural plant hormone that aids the ripening process, but may cause other fruit to go off more quickly.

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