#FridayFive – outdoor games for lazy days in the park

Now that summer’s arrived, it’s time to take things outside. Here are five of our favourite open air games you can play with friends in the park. Don’t forget the sun cream!



1. Slacklining – a fine balance

Slacklining requires concentration, full body control and an excellent sense of balance. Sounds like hard work? It’s not. Watching your friends wobble their way across is loads of fun and there’s the added bonus of using near forgotten muscle groups. Once you’ve nailed the basic crossing, try and integrate the odd trick or two!


2. Tic-tac-toe – the outdoor version

Noughts and crosses or tic-tac-toe is traditionally played on a piece of paper but nature makes a good board if you’re outdoors. The only physical effort required is drawing a grid in the sand with a stick. Use beer tops or pebbles, or split into two groups and act as human markers!


3. Hacky sack – still as cool as ever  

There’s bound to be one of your friends with a hacky sack or two hanging around at home, right? Take one along to your next picnic and spend the afternoon honing your keepy-uppy skills. It’s a great game to play in a group too. Whoever drops the sack is out!


4. Kubb – the battle for king

This outdoor game from Scandinavia is making waves in parks everywhere. The aim is to knock over wooden blocks known as “kubbs” by throwing batons at them. Teams attempt to topple the king and believe us when we say it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sweden has hosted the official Kubb World Championship for two decades now, but the last three winners have all been German.


5. Sack races – back to the roots

What’s good enough for kids’ birthday parties is good enough for us! If you don’t have the traditional jute sacks to hand, take along some large plastic bags or tie each participant’s legs together with a scarf. Use jackets and bags to mark out a course and watch the fun unfold! Up the stakes by giving every racer a mug of water to carry that they’re not allowed to spill....

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