#FridayFive – the craziest food records

The longest piece of pasta, the biggest pizza and some truly gargantuan vegetables. We’ve been researching the world’s most bizarre food records. Here are our top five.

1.    The longest pasta tube ever

The time is November 2014. The place is Berlin, where Vapiano is just about to open its sixth restaurant. And what better way to celebrate our passion for pasta than attempting to break a world record?! For two hours straight, our hard-working pasta makers spun out a 226.2 m long piece of penne. At almost double the length of the previous attempt, we not only set a new world record but smashed the old one! The nine kilos of pasta were later donated to the charity “Berliner Tafel”.


2.    Naples’ record breaking pizza

It should come as little surprise that the longest pizza ever was made in Italy. Pizza bakers from Naples used 2000 kg of flour, 1600 kg of tomatoes, 2000 kg of mozzarella and 30 kg of basil. The result? A 1.8 km long pizza. Think the bakers drove classic Italian scooters along the dough to flatten it?


3.    Death by chocolate

It’s a chocoholic’s dream. The biggest ever bar of chocolate was produced in Armenia in 2010 and weighed in at over 4 tonnes. With the average pack weighing just 100 g, that’s equivalent to 40,000 bars! The record breaking block of chocolate was 25 cm thick, 5.6 m long and took ten whole days to make.


4.    Giant Belgian vegetables

Although not quite as sweet, this food record is just as impressive. It was set last year at the European Pumpkin Championships. Yes, it’s really a thing. One Belgian’s massive 1190.5 kg pumpkin fought off competition from eighteen other growers in seven countries to take first prize. We wonder what happened later to the winning pumpkin. A giant Halloween lantern?  Or an enormous pot of pumpkin soup?  


5.    Ready, steady, eat!

It’s not always size that matters as the old adage goes. In 2016, at New York’s 100th hot-dog eating competition, student Joey Chestnut set a new world record by wolfing down seventy hot-dogs in just ten minutes. With number of records to his name Joey’s no stranger to the world of competitive eating. While rehearsing a few weeks before the main event, he even managed to cram in 73½  hot-dogs. Unbelievable!

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