Get set for something new with our foodpairing Specials

Our latest Specials are all about unusual aroma combos. Today we take a look at the exciting new selection of foodpairing recipes you can try at Vapiano.

Spring might be a few months away but our latest Specials have breathed new life into our menu. From 15 January to 14 April, Vapiano is embracing foodpairing. Yes, at first glance some of the combinations may look bonkers, but be brave and give them a try. We haven’t just thrown random ingredients together – there’s real science behind the art of foodpairing. Head to your local Vapiano, take a deep breath and give the new Specials a whirl. Here’s what awaits you.

Grape meets olive – apple meets wasabi

Let’s kick things off with our Insalate. Grape meets olive and prawn meets feta in our Insalata Piacere. There’s also bulgur wheat and rocket, all drizzled with a red wine-balsamic dressing. Swap the prawns for grilled vegetables if you prefer a meat-free option. Our second candidate, Insalata Gioia, is no less unique with tuna, radishes, cucumber and green apples arranged on a bed of romaine lettuce with wasabi cream and spring onions. Which will you try first?

Pasta with coffee or green apples? No really.

There’s a good reason why it’s called Pasta Curiosita.  Roquefort with fig and a coffee-orange sauce are the two remarkable foodpairings in this recipe. The dish is topped with roasted almonds and basil. The next taste explosion comes from our Pasta Amore, where tuna, pak choi, ginger and green apple have been doused with white wine and soya sauce and topped with spring onions and zesty lime.

If you’re not in the mood for pasta, how about rice instead? Our Risotto Passione comes with prawns, passion fruit, white chocolate and star anise. Roasted almonds, julienne carrots, mozzarella and a creamy white wine sauce add the finishing touches, plus a squeeze of zesty lime and some fresh coriander.

Old classics reloaded for spring

Our much loved potato soup with spring onions is back on the Specials menu. Top yours with crunchy croûtons or crispy bacon bits.

Pizza 2.0.

Naturally we’ve also come up with a unique pizza creation for our latest Specials menu. Pizza Felicita is topped with beans, chorizo, marjoram, potatoes and mozzarella. But watch out – this one will have you going back for more!

Avocado dessert

Sorry, did someone say “avocado dessert”? Yes, we did. Every good meal ends with an equally good Dolci, and just like the other Specials this one’s a little different. Layers of avocado cake are interspersed with espresso yogurt cream and topped with lime icing and mint. Mouth-wateringly good.

Found your new favourite? We look forward to seeing how brave you are when you next visit Vapiano!