Have you tried our 8 new delicious teas?

Do you order tea with your pasta or pizza? If no, Patrick Ulmer wants to know why not? Patrick is the co-founder of the tea manufacturer – 5 CUPS and some sugar, the creative minds behind our new teas. Here he shares his recommendations.

Tea is the ultimate all-rounder and, after water, the oldest drink in the world! There are so many ways to prepare this fragrant hot drink, and, with the best quality ingredients, drinking tea can be a real treat for the taste buds, whatever your preferences. 5 CUPS and some sugar have created eight organic teas for us, so that you can enjoy an aromatic cup with your meal, or even take a packet home with you.

From now on, you can choose between delectable black, fruit, herbal, green and white tea varieties and, the best part – you don’t have to wait until after dinner to enjoy them!

Patrick, what are the current trends when it comes to tea?

Loose tea, is definitely popular right now as it can be mixed with other varieties, unlike the tea in pre-portioned tea bags. Premium and organic teas are currently more sought after than the cheaper varieties. Right now, tea is everywhere - on the go, as a nice accompaniment for your dinner or for a break in the office, it’s no longer being drunk purely at home. Above all – a cup of tea is an immediate mood booster!

Not everyone gets the appeal of a cup of tea as an accompaniment to hot, richly flavoured food. Which tea would you personally recommend to go with pasta or pizza?

Just try it! Tea works wonderfully with pasta and pizza, especially the milder herbal, black or green teas as they all have a hint of spice that really complements warm, hearty dishes.

Is there a specific tea that you would drink with a meaty dish?

Meat has a sophisticated flavour on its own, so I would recommend an equally sophisticated tea. My pick would be the Vapiano DRAGON'S GREEN LOVE tea – a truly outstanding organic green tea from China, which has subtle, nutty and fruity notes that work really well with meat.

Which tea would you recommend to die-hard coffee fans?

Coffee fans love strong tastes and want that uplifting hit of caffeine, so they’ll be happy to know that they can enjoy both with some teas. I would recommend black tea, which is highly caffeinated and only takes a minute to brew. I would also invite coffee drinkers to explore the delicate taste of green teas. Yes, it’s something entirely different, but these teas also have a high amount of caffeine in them.

And, for those who want to give their body a break from the caffeine, but still want to enjoy a nice hot cup of something, I highly recommend trying out fruit and herbal teas, which are really refreshing and flavourful.

Would you say that there are typical winter or summer teas?

For many, Autumn is a time for enjoying fruit and herbal teas before progressing on to the more pungent, aromatic teas in the lead-up to Christmas. During the warmer parts of the year, people mostly enjoy drinking the lighter, fresher and more citrusy teas. Black teas, though, are enjoyed all year round, especially as a means to kick start the day or as a nice break in the afternoon.

Thank you for your recommendations, Patrick! We’re really proud of our new tea menu and look forward to sharing the eight new varieties with you all.

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