Here’s how to check whether fruit is ripe

When faced with so much choice in the supermarket it can often be a guessing game deciding which of your chosen fruits are ripe. Today we reveal the best tricks for testing whether fresh fruit is ready to eat.


Yummy! As well as featuring in our refreshing summer drinks, passion fruit is the star ingredient in our new Dolci Special too. And here’s some more good news: all the fruits we’ve missed during winter come into season in spring and summer. However, sometimes it’s tricky to know which are ripe and ready to eat. To avoid disappointment we’ve compiled five tried and tested methods to pick the right fruits every time.

The sweet smell of success

You can smell a ripe fruit. Apples give off a range of aromas from light lemony notes to an earthy head. Melons smell sweet, and oranges and bananas only develop their typical fragrance when they’re almost overripe. So when shopping for fresh fruit always pick it up and have a smell! The stronger the fragrance, the riper the fruit.

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Hey good lookin’!

Luckily, fruit with damage-free skin or peel is rarely mealy or rotten inside so look for specimens with an attractive exterior. The colour can also be an indicator for ripeness. Apples, for example, turn redder the riper they are. Grapes also turn a darker colour and crimson strawberries usually taste better than their paler counterparts. Passion fruit is the exception to this rule and tastes best when its skin is slightly wrinkled.

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Hollow talk

Knock, knock! Who’s there? A ripe melon if that’s what you hear when you knock on one! The riper the fruit, the more hollow the sound. A ripe melon also weighs more than an unripe specimen of a similar size.

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You’ve pulled!

Ready to eat? Even when pineapple smells sweet and gives slightly when squeezed, there’s no guarantee that the flesh inside is ripe. A better test is to try and pull out the leaves at the top. If they come away from the fruit fairly easily, the pineapple is ripe and ready to eat.

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A pressing matter

Time for a more hands on approach. To determine whether a mango or melon is ripe, give the fruit a gentle squeeze. Use a single finger to test how firm a pineapple is. Fruits that give slightly are sure to be juicy and sweet. But if you’ve left a dent in the flesh, the fruit is overripe.

Now it’s your turn. Put the theory into practice next time you’re choosing fruit. Buon appetito!

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