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Homemade black pasta the easy way

Making delicious black pasta is childsplay. Our Vapianisti explain what gives the pasta its rich dark colour and where you can source the ingredients.

Homemade pasta – the dream for every spaghetti fan! Whether red penne, yellow linguine, green tagliatelle or even black ravioli – natural food dyes can certainly brighten up the table at mealtimes. A pinch of saffron or an extra portion of egg yolk creates a vivid yellow colour. Pureed spinach turns pasta green, while carrot juice or tomato paste can be used for orange or red. Black pasta is popular too. “We use cuttlefish ink, known as sepia, to achieve the rich dark hue,” our Vapianisti reveals.

The low-down on how it’s done
If you want to create black pasta at home, simply dye the finished pasta dough with sepia. Delis and fish shops usually stock cuttlefish ink. A tablespoon is ample to turn the pasta black. “Always use sparingly,” our Vapianisti advises. “It’s a strong dye so start slowly and add more if you need to.”

Shape the dough
After dying, the pasta can be cut into your preferred form. Every pasta making machine has different blades and settings for shape and thickness. It’s all down to personal taste. If you’re using a pasta maker to roll out the dough, decrease the pressure as it becomes thinner to prevent tearing. You can also roll the dough out by hand using a rolling pin on a floured work surface. Cut the dough into narrow strips for tagliatelle. Ravioli is easy to make at home too. Cut out circles or squares from the rolled dough and add filling to one half of the shape. Then fold over the other side and press the edges firmly together to prevent the contents leaking during cooking.

Black pasta at Vapiano
Black pasta is particularly suited for fish or seafood dishes. If making pasta at home isn’t your thing, pop into your local Vapiano and sample our “Granchi di Fiume” from the Specials menu instead! The black pasta is made freshly in-house and served with crayfish in a delicate mangetout, carrot and courgette sauce.

Buon appetito!

Amy, Vapianisti