“Honesty is everything” – bloggers Rabea and Brini talk friendship

Imagine life without your bestie. No thanks! To mark International Friendship Day we chatted to blogger pals Rabea and Brini about their own unique friendship.

July 30 is International Friendship Day and definitely a reason to celebrate. We chatted to our blogger friends Rabea from “The Golden Kitz” and Sabrina from “Brinis Fashionbook” all about friendship do’s and don’ts.

Hi Rabea, hi Brini! Thanks for talking to us today. Let’s start with the two of you. How did you become friends?
Through blogging! We met at a blogger forum and quickly realised we had loads in common – including blogging and fashion. 

What do you like about each other?
Rabea: Brini is completely honest, ambitious and always willing to pitch in. I love that about her.
Brini: Rabea is incredibly creative and has great moral values. You can always rely on her. I really admire the way she lives her life.

In the series “Friends” the gang always hang out at the Central Perk café. Do have any rituals of your own? 
We both enjoy relaxing on Rabea’s rooftop terrace with a glass of wine and some sushi. It’s where we go to catch up or to work on new blog posts. Once we get started, we can chat away for hours!

How would you define a good friendship? 
A good friendship is when you can talk about anything and everything. You’re always there for one another – whatever life has in store.

How close can or should a friendship be?
A good friendship is one where you can spend days together without getting on each other’s nerves. Simply because you’re on the same wave length. But it’s also OK if you haven’t seen one another for a month, just because things have been too busy. A good friend understands that. 

Is there such a thing as “friends at first sight”?
Definitely. You often know straight away that you’re going to get on with someone. Our friendship took off the minute we started chatting. Yes, talking to each other is a good start. Maybe change that to “friends at first chat”! 

Friendships are like relationships. What do you do to keep your friendship alive? 
WhatsApp is a huge help! We always use it to chat. 

How often do you see one another?
It depends. Sometimes a couple of times a week at events we’re both invited to. Sometimes we don’t see each other for weeks at a time if there’s a lot going on. But a good friendship should be able to deal with that.

As people grow older, they can change. Does that worry you?
We both believe that a change in interest or lifestyle shouldn’t threaten a friendship. It’s important is to show an understanding for what your friend is going through or the path they have chosen. Compassion and empathy are central.

What happens when you fall out?

Well, luckily we’ve never really fallen out! We always talk quite openly so there’s no opportunity for things to boil over. What we both appreciate about our friendship is that we tackle things in an adult, compassionate and honest manner.

Are you more open in your friendship than in a relationship?
Honestly and openness are so important. So that’s how we try to live – both with friends and with our partners. It’s essential.

Sometimes friends can become envious of partners and vice versa. What advice do you have to prevent that?
Our partners get on really well too. It’s great because it means we can go on double dates and have double the fun!

What’s more important: friendship or love?
They’re both important. If you’ve found true love and also have dear friends you can count on, you can succeed at anything, right?

Absolutely! Thanks so much for the interview, ladies!