Ice Tea – Delicious and oh so chic

It’s so on-trend! Our Ice Tea is not your average summer beverage. As well as bursting with new flavours, it’s also become a firm favourite among the coolest designers. Find out why here.

It’s Ice Tea with a twist. Whether  Red Tea Pomegranate, Black Tea Peach Vanilla, Green Tea Lemon Prickly Pear or White Tea Elderflower Mint – our Ice Teas subtly blend the best of traditional tea with a range of new and exciting flavours. Our four teas – white, green, red and black – are all brewed freshly before adding the subtle ingredients that transform them into a refreshing summer drink.

Ice Tea – Pick & mix
Every flavour is a cool blend of ingredients. Red Tea Pomegranate is made using the finest African Rooibos tea with pomegranate juice to create a sweet fruitiness. Black tea and peach may sound a strange coupling but think again. Black Tea Peach Vanilla fuses the sharpness of black tea with soft peach and vanilla aromas. Want something refreshing and energising? A fruity lemon note has been added to the green tea in Green Tea Lemon Prickly Pear for a quick pick-me-up! The luxurious white tea in White Tea Elderflower has a delicate elderflower note and a light, minty aroma – something for true connoisseurs! With a flavour for every taste, what could taste better than a cool Ice Tea in the summer sunshine?

Our Ice Tea bottle scoops a design prize
It’s not always what’s inside that counts. We were over the moon when our premium Ice Tea glass bottles were awarded the iF Design Award this year. The purist shape was designed by agency peter schmidt, belliero & zandée. For the product development, celebrated designer Peter Schmidt concentrated on the drink’s unique features. Quality, freshness and transparency were key. Our Ice Teas are available in four flavours in 500 ml reusable bottles with screw caps.

Kim, PR-Manager