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Last Minute Advent Calendars

1 December is just around the corner and if you’re still on the hunt for a fun advent calendar we’re here to help. Check out these eight unique advent ideas you can easily make in the nick of time. 


Planning on giving someone a homemade advent calendar this year? Yes, you’ve left it a little late but there’s still time to make a fun surprise that comes straight from the heart. We’ve compiled eight last minute ideas using readily available materials that even entry-level crafters can master.  


Letters of love

Let’s be honest – we often forget to tell our loved ones just how much we appreciate them. But not anymore with this personalised advent calendar. Pen a special note for your nearest and dearest to read every day in the run-up to Christmas. 


24 bottles = 24 doors

Want to surprise your favourite beer drinker? Find a crate that holds 24 bottles, add a number to the top of every one and decorate with fairy lights or a festive garland. Cheers! 


The chocolate upgrade 

Anyone with a sweet tooth will definitely prefer this homemade calendar to the ubiquitous shop-bought versions. Choose a box of 24 luxury chocolates and pipe the numbers 1 to 24 in icing on top of each praline. Arrange in a pretty box. Ta-da! 


Christmas? Tick!

Know someone who loves a list? Print out one of the many online templates available, decorate with glitter or fake snow and let the recipient tick off the countdown to Christmas. 


Smart cookie

Bake-off fans among you? Head to the kitchen to make 24 Christmas biscuits you can decorate with icing, sprinkles, nuts or chocolate. Don’t forget to number them! 


And then there was light

Candles are just as much a part of Christmas as trees and stockings. But take 24 of them and what do you have? Enough to make an advent calendar! Number 24 simple white candles and arrange them in a jar. Include a candlestick so your loved one can light a new candle for every day of advent.  


Fortune cookie? Fortune nut! 

Now here’s a fun twist on everyone’s favourite after-dinner cookie. Write 24 short messages and hide them inside two empty walnut halves. Then tie them up with a label, wrap them in foil or paint them in festive colours. 


Instagram goes analogue

Keep happy memories alive by choosing 24 of your favourite Instagram pics that feature friends and family. Print them out and hang them back to front on a string. One picture can be turned over every day to create a personalised, analogue Instagram feed. Don’t have a printer? A number of major supermarkets and chemists now offer in-store printing straight from your phone.  


Happy crafting and enjoy the gift of giving this advent!