Living Sustainably with Justine: Five questions with our favourite Instagrammers

So many of us would love to live more sustainably - but how? We sat down with Justine, the blogger behind justinekeptcalmandwentvegan, to ask five questions about vegan nutrition, fair fashion and sustainability.

Many of us are hoping to make 2018 the year that we start to live more sustainably with due consideration for our impact on the environment. But we all have to start somewhere, so what can we do to live more sustainably everyday? Here to help us is Justine from justinekeptcalmandwentvegan. Some of you may already know Justine from our blogger parade where we shared her blog, or you might know her for her delicious salad toppings.

Hello, Justine! Firstly, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Your blog covers a lot of different things, from vegan nutrition, to fair fashion to personality development. How did you decide to write on these topics?

To be honest, one thing led to another. If you take an interest in vegan food and vegan fashion, fair fashion fast becomes a hot topic. Then, over time, I began to deal with the topic of sustainability. After all, even though you might buy vegan or fair fashion this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re living sustainably. Personality development is something that I’ve been interested in for a long time and I’m learning more and more all the time. Self care is currently a big thing for me!

The Satisfaction Saturday series on your blog is about being happy. What makes you happy?

It’s actually quite banal. I am really happy when I get to enjoy a quiet moment to enjoy a matcha latte, spend time with my family and/ or friends, take a long walk without a cell phone or, of course, taking the time to enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Sport makes me happy too... and, of course, an empty to-do-list!

One big to-do that you take to heart is doing things sustainably. Do you have a tip for our readers on how to start living sustainably?

I recommend having a vegan day from time to time – that’s already very sustainable. The production of meat is not sustainable. Aside from that, it also makes a big difference when you take your own grocery bag to the supermarket or at least use paper instead of plastic bags. It's also a good idea to buy a nice glass or metal water bottle that you can take around with you instead of buying one plastic bottle after another. These things will help you make a good start, and are actually how I started living sustainably too.
Since when have you been a vegan and which essential foods can you not live without?

I have been vegan for about 4 years now. My absolute essentials are almond milk (for matcha lattes!), Quinoa, chickpea flour, dates, tahina (I put this onto any spicy foods) and chickpeas (homemade hummus is sooo good!). Most of the time, though, it’s just fruit and vegetables that end up on my plate or in the juicer!

Last but not least, what do you like the most about Vapiano?

I love the gluten-free pizza, without cheese but with extra vegetables and garlic. Absolutely delicious!

Thank you for sharing all of this with us, Justine! We look forward to reading more from you in the future.