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Make and prepare your own ‘Thai Style’ zoodles – here’s how!

We love zoodles! Have you already tried them? You can make these trendy zucchini noodles yourself really easily and prepare them using our mega tasty ‘Thai Style’ recipe:

Vegetable noodles – which include zoodles – are a food trend that is diverse and fun. They can also be prepared in a vegan-friendly way and, in addition, they’re a great idea if you’re on a low carb diet – in other words, if you want to consume as few carbohydrates as possible.

Firstly, you’re going to make the zoodles – dead easy with a spiraliser which was invented for precisely this purpose. If you don’t already have one at home, you can just use a good peeling knife and pare off fine strips of zucchini bit by bit.

If you’d like to prepare our ‘Thai Style’ zoodle recipe for two people, you’ll need the following ingredients:

Zoodles 'Thai Style'


500 g zucchini
1 handful of peanuts, chopped
1 red onion, cut into fine rings
2 small julienned carrots
A couple of leaves of pak choi, finely sliced
180 ml Thai sauce
30 ml olive oil
Salt and pepper
1 small mango, cut into small cubes
2 spring onions, sliced
Fresh coriander

Our Vapianisti prepare your zoodles in a wok, but you can also use a frying pan. Heat up the olive oil and first briefly sauté the onion rings and peanuts until they colour a little. Don’t forget to stir occasionally – also after you’ve next added the julienned carrot and the finely sliced pak choi. Once they have browned slightly too, add your fresh zoodles and then immediately pour on the Thai sauce. Let it all simmer for a moment until the zoodles are soft – and they’re ready to serve. Place the zoodles on two plates or pasta bowls, garnish with cubes of mango, the spring onion rings and fresh leaves of coriander, and season with salt and pepper.

Up to this point, your dish is vegan. If you want, you can also serve it with Grana Padano cheese, or even add fried prawns or strips of chicken breast.

And for those of you who really love cooking – here’s a recipe for a great Thai sauce (makes around 800 ml). Any that you have left over can be kept in the fridge in a clean, airtight container for at least a week, so you can use it for another Asian dish.

Thai Sauce


1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 small white onion (approx. 100 g)
3 teaspoons of curry paste
3 big tablespoons of white wine
250 ml vegetable stock
2 big tablespoons of soy sauce
400 ml coconut milk
4 lime leaves
Pinch of salt
250 g ariko (boiled cubes of potato)

Finely dice the onion first and fry in the oil until glassy. Add the curry paste and fry it a little. After around a minute pour in the white wine and reduce to around half. This means simmering the mixture on a low flame until around half the liquid has evaporated. Now add the soy sauce, coconut milk and vegetable stock, and let the lime leaves simmer for 5 minutes too. Then switch off the heat and let everything infuse for around 20 minutes. Remove the lime leaves and add the potatoes and a pinch of salt. Bring everything back to the boil and blend thoroughly with a mixer. Let the sauce cool before putting it in the fridge.

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