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Make your own advent calendar

Is it that time of year already? Yes – advent is upon us once again! Why not surprise your loved ones with a homemade advent calendar? Here’s how.

The countdown to Christmas has begun. The first Sunday of advent is at the end of November and from 1 December, we look forward to opening a door every day until the biggie! But how about shunning the shops this year and crafting your own advent calendar? As well as a lovely surprise for your loved ones, it also brings a fun festive feel to your home.

Cologne-based blogger Mareike from “Everywhere I Go” writes about travelling, lifestyle, fashion and being a mum. Today she shows us just how easy it is to create your own advent calendar at home.  

You will need:

·         24 small paper bags (e.g. sweet bags)

·         24 paper tags

·         Red ribbon to fasten the bags

·         Miniature baubles

·         Battery-powered fairy lights

·         A hole punch and scissors

·         Artificial snow for decoration

·         A small box or basket to arrange the paper bags in 

·         24 small gifts      

Here’s how:

Start by folding over the top of each bag and punching a hole in the centre (see photo). Then fill each bag with a gift. Cut the ribbon into 24 even lengths. Make sure they’re not too short or you won’t be able to tie a bow. Label the paper tags with the numbers 1 to 24.

Fasten the bags using the ribbon and add a tag to each bag. You can decorate the bags by adding miniature baubles or other Christmas decorations. Wooden pegs with festive messages are another option.

Arrange the bags randomly in a box or basket, drape fairy lights around them and sprinkle with artificial snow. Bring on 1 December!

But what to fill it with?

The options are endless! How about 24 small gifts like travel-sized cosmetics, hair clips, chewing gum, or socks? Or add an individual touch by writing little notes or designing tailor-made vouchers, such as “1x home-cooked meal by me!” or “1x walk with the dog when you don’t feel like it” or “1x car cleaning session – inside and out!” Or mix it up and alternate personal messages with a gift or a piece of chocolate. Once you’ve decided on a theme, there’ll be no stopping you. As long as the 24 surprises are chosen with love, they’re bound to be well received.


Feeling creative? We also have some fab homemade Christmas gift ideas.Happy crafting folks, and here’s to a festive season full of fun!