Mangos – a sweet summer favourite

You say summer, we say mango. We’re mad about this exotic fruit, especially when the sun’s shining. Today we look at where they come from, what dishes they taste best with and what to look for when buying them.

Mangos are one of our favourite fruits and have made their way into our summer Specials yet again. Our new Coco Cotta Dolci has a refreshing mango topping and is a must for fans of this exotic fruit. Find out what else mango tastes good with below.

Mangos – India’s exotic treat

Did you know that mangos were first farmed over 4000 years ago in India? The most common varieties have a yellow-reddish to green skin, bright orange flesh and a chunky stone at the centre. The consistency is similar to a peach. Mango trees can now be found in countless tropical and subtropical regions, allowing us to enjoy them all year round.

Mangos – shopping & storing

How can you tell if a mango is ripe? As our article on ripe fruits mentions the best way is to gently press the fruit. If the flesh has a slight give to it, the fruit is ripe. But you can also buy hard mangos and leave them to ripen for a few days at home. Experts also smell the fruit. Ripe mangos give off a pleasantly sweet fragrance.

Once you’ve found a ripe mango, it’s best enjoyed as soon as possible. However, you can easily keep mangos at home for up to two or three days. Never store this exotic fruit in your fridge though as it loses its rich flavour when exposed to the cold.

Find out the best way to peel mangos in our Vapiano kitchen hacks.

Mangos – sweet & savoury

One reason we love mangos is because they’re so versatile. As well as a juicy snack, they can be used to add the finishing touches to sweet recipes like cakes, mousses and sorbets. And their mild flavour also makes them suitable for savoury dishes. India’s celebrated mango chutney is the perfect accompaniment to grilled dishes and our essential summer dip. Buon appetito!  

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