Mediterranean Specials with Gamberetti, melon and chanterelles

Light summer salads are the stars of our July and August Specials menu. Fresh melon meets succulent Gamberetti, and zucchini noodles – or “zoodles” – are a lighter alternative to pasta. Not a fan of seafood? Savour tender chanterelle mushrooms with pasta or risotto. There’s even a tropical dessert to round things off.


Our summer salads are packed full of surprises. Freshly grilled Gamberetti are served with cool pieces of melon and crunchy iceberg lettuce in our new Insalata al Melone e Gamberetti. Sesame, lime and coriander add an exotic edge to our Insalata di Zucchine con Pollo Orientale – tender chicken skewers with fresh cucumber and zucchini noodles, radishes and Tzatziki dressing. 

Beetroot carpaccio or Mediterranean zoodles

Juicy beetroot slices in a fruit orange marinade have been paired with avocado, feta and a cucumber-grapefruit salad. So colourful and so refreshing. Our zucchini noodles, or “zoodles” come in a tomato sauce seasoned with basil and served with lashings of Grana Padano. Both dishes are garnished with pine nuts so you can savour that holiday flavour!


Chanterelles with pasta and risotto  

Feeling hungry? Our Pasta Chanterelle is a hearty recipe with mushrooms, onions, bacon and peas in a fine white wine sauce, all on a bed of linguine. Our risotto recipe also features fresh chanterelle mushrooms, this time teamed with baby spinach. 


Pizza Surf &Turf and an exotic soup

Can’t decide on a pizza topping? No need to. As the name implies, our Pizza Surf & Turf offers the best of both worlds: meat and seafood. Prawns are accompanied by mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and rocket on one small pizza, while a second pizza is topped with beef filet, pesto cream, champignons and potato cubes.

Feel like a holiday? Take a culinary trip to far-flung lands with our Coconut Curry Soup. Apples and potatoes mingle with ginger, curry, lime and creamy coconut milk to create a tangy, exotic soup. 

We’ve continued the exotic theme in our Specials Dolci too. It goes by the name of Coco Cotta and is a sumptuous coconut cream topped with fruity mango and garnished with lime and mint. 


As you can see, there really is something for everyone on our July and August Specials menu. Buon appetito! 

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