#myfoodstyle: food that suits your nutritional needs

Our new dishes are tailored to your nutritional needs and mark the dawn of a new era at Vapiano. Today we introduce our new Vapiano #myfoodstyle menu and show you how easy it is to go vegan at Vapiano.

Anyone with a food allergy or intolerance knows how stressful dining out can be. The veggies and vegans among you are probably also familiar with trying to find something on a menu designed with meat-eaters in mind. But it’s all change at Vapiano. We’re embracing food that suits your individual nutritional needs and have redesigned our menu with more choice than ever before. Plus, you can see immediately which dishes are OK for you to eat. Hurrah!

#myfoodstyle – because you like it

For us, #myfoodstyle means dishes that not only meet your nutritional needs but taste great. That’s why you can tailor so many of our dishes to make them dairy-free, gluten-free or vegan.

Our #myfoodstyle Specials are available until the end of August. Recipes such as Coconut Curry Soup are gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. Or try a more traditional dish like Chanterelle Mushroom Risotto, another gluten-free alternative. And with two refreshing sorbets for vegans our new Vapiano ice creams are the perfect dessert.

The new Vapiano menu – new stars & old favourites

As well as the Specials, our new Vapiano menu also features a range of dishes that suit your nutritional needs. There have been some exciting changes, so here’s the lowdown before your next Vapiano visit:

There’s now just one menu for Pizza, Pasta, Salads, Antipasti and Dolci, with new addition Lasagne joining the pasta party. Our classics – Pasta and Pizza – are arranged in the sub-categories “Vegetariano” (vegetarian), “Verdure” (contains animal rennet), “Dal Mare” (fish) and “Con Carne” (meat). That way you can easily find something that meets your foodstyle!

We’ve also marked our #myfoodstyle dishes with special symbols – so you can immediately see which dish suits your nutritional needs. If you’re lactose intolerant look out for the blue “l” showing which dishes are suitable. Gluten intolerant? Dishes with a brown “g” can be prepared without any gluten by our Vapianisti. A green “v” shows our vegan options and vegetarians can peruse our “Vegetariano” section.
We’re super proud to announce the German Association of Vegetarians has named us Germany’s top veggie-friendly fast food restaurant. One more reason to enjoy a delicious meat-free alternative when you next visit! 

A new menu means new dishes. Meat lovers should check out our Pizza BBQ-Supreme with chicken breast, chorizo and ricotta. For veggies there’s our Insalata Strawberry Spinach with baby spinach, strawberries and goat’s cheese. Fish fans will enjoy our summery Insalata Orata with sea bream filet and avocado. Some of our regulars may recognise one or the other dish from past Specials menus. That’s because we’ve listened to our guests and have moved your favourites to our main menu.

Spoilt for choice with all these #myfoodstyle options and new dishes? Don’t panic. Our Vapianisti’s own personal recommendations are marked red in the menu to help indecisive diners make up their mind.

The #myfoodstyle blogger test

We carried out intensive testing before launching our #myfoodstyle range. After advertising on Facebook, some of you came to our Bonn restaurant to sample the new vegan fare. And the Vapiano Magazine team has been involved in trialling the #myfoodstyle recipes too. We’ve sent vegan and vegetarian bloggers as well as bloggers who suffer from lactose and gluten intolerance to a range of restaurants to see what their verdict was. Stay tuned for the results of our #myfoodstyle blogger test!

Pop into your local Vapiano and sample our #myfoodstyle dishes for yourself – no matter what your nutritional needs are. Buon appetito!