Our top 5 New Year’s Eve party games

We’ve already discussed your New Year’s Eve buffet and party decorations to match. All that’s left are some hilarious games to keep your guests entertained until the clock strikes 12! Here are our five faves.


1. Pictionary


A great game that everyone can play. All you need is a whiteboard, a blackboard or a big piece of paper and something to draw with. Each player picks a word from a hat they then have to sketch. Whichever team guesses the answer gets the points. You can download a list of suitable words online. 


2. “Dinner For One” drinking game 


You’ll need some shot glasses for this one. Watch the classic NYE comedy “Dinner For One” and every time the butler James drinks something, everyone has to down a shot. And yes, that includes the water from the flower pot. Cheers!


3. Apple Oracle 


Not a fan of games? This Dutch tradition is all about predicting the future instead! Try to peel an apple in one long piece. Once the peel breaks, throw it over your shoulder. The letter it resembles is said to predict the name of your next romantic interest. Ooooh!


4. I Have Never


The classic party drinking game. Players take turns to come up with a phrase beginning with “I have never...”. For example “I have never...kissed anyone at this table” or “I have never...skipped work because I was hung-over!” If a player can’t agree with the statement issued, they must take a sip from their drink. Watch out for red faces!


5. Beer Mat Racing


This one’s sure to leave guests laughing! Two players take their places at the start line, each with one foot on a beer mat. After “Go!” they must bend down and move first one, then the other beer mat forward, taking small steps towards the finish line with one foot always on a beer mat. Genius!