Our top five New Year’s Eve buffet ideas

The countdown to 2017 has started. We can’t wait to throw on our glad-rags and welcome in the New Year in style! If you’re hosting a NYE party, check out these fun, easy-to-prepare ideas for the buffet. 

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with your friends and family by hosting a party at home. Here are five enticing buffet ideas sure to impress your guests. 


1. Foodie fireworks


Before you light the real fireworks at midnight, tuck in to a few of these juicy fruit rockets! Alternate grapes and blueberries and finish with a strawberry. Almost too good to eat. 

2. Smart salmon snacks 


Smoked salmon is a staple at every NYE buffet. To make these savoury rolls, spread a tortilla wrap with cream cheese and scatter a few rocket leaves on top. Add the smoked salmon, roll up the wrap and portion into slices. All without even turning the oven on!

3. Fun food pops 


Cake pops are sooo last year. We’re all about food pops in 2017. Be the first to try the trend by serving miniature burger buns. You will need small buns, mincemeat for mini burgers and onions, plus ketchup, smoked sea salt and chilli flakes for a spicy sauce. Create an exotic twist by adding slices mango and radicchio  to the mix! 

4. Packs a fruity punch


Every buffet needs a bowl of punch, but New Year’s Eve deserves something special. Mix cranberries, orange and lemon slices with 100 ml of vodka and top up with a bottle of white wine and sparkling water. Cheers! 

5. Margaritas, baby!


Make like a senorita and serve up margaritas! This delicious blackberry-lemonade version featuring blackberry puree, lemonade, vodka and the trademark sugar rim is set to be huge in 2017.

Creating a fun NYE buffet has never been easier. A very Happy New Year and all the best for 2017!