“O’zapft is!” – the ultimate Oktoberfest guide

The 17 September marks the start of this year’s annual Oktoberfest in Munich. But what do visitors to the world’s biggest beer festival need to know? We asked the girls from Munich-based agency “amazed” what their top tips for the “Wiesn” are.

On 17 September the festival kicks off with cries of “O’zapft is!” to be heard as the Lord Mayor of Munich cracks open the first keg of beer. Some six million visitors are expected this year. If you’re one of them make sure you check out our ultimate Oktoberfest guide beforehand. We quizzed the girls from “amazed” on their Wiesn do’s and dont’s.

Antonia, Amelie and Milena, you all love the Wiesn! Describe a perfect day at the Oktoberfest.

Easy! It starts with a sunny stroll around the grounds with some freshly made candyfloss. Then we’d head to the Schützenzelt balcony and sit in the sun enjoying a traditional Bavarian bread platter and the first beer. Once the evening rolls around it’s time to enter one of the tents for a traditional sing-song and more beer!

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What’s your Wiesn must-have?
A bag of roasted almonds for the way home!

By day, by night, during the week or at the weekend – when’s the best time to go?
Our tip is to get to the Theresienwiese as early as possible at the weekend. The tents fill up pretty quickly. On weekdays you can usually still get in at 3 pm or later.   

Where’s the best beer?
Everywhere! (the girls laugh) It doesn’t matter which tent you’re in, all the beer comes from local Munich breweries. Which one you prefer is down to your own personal taste.

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Where’s the best party atmosphere?
In the Hackerzelt, the Schützenzelt and on Gay Sunday in the Bräurosl (editor’s note: a LGBT party held on Sunday 18 September from 9 am).

Where do you go if you need a time-out?

Head for the “Oide Wiesn”. It’s like a mini festival within the main one modelled on how it would have looked a century ago. There are fewer visitors here but the atmosphere is great. It’s like a journey back in time.
Any no-go’s at the Oktoberfest?

Don’t get so drunk you can barely walk. And don’t wear a Dirndl that’s too brightly coloured or too short. Or jeans with a lederhosen print!  
Talking of dress code - the three of you are all wearing traditional Dirndl dresses. Do you have to?

We love the traditional Dirndl! But you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Regular everyday clothing is absolutely fine too.
How can you make such a traditional dress look more stylish?

Instead of chunky Wiesn jewellery, opt for a fine gold necklace. Swap the traditional Bavarian shoes for Mary Janes or chic brogues. We like a dark red lipstick too. But only wear lipstick and heels with a high-necked blouse and a skirt that sits beneath the knee. Leave the pearls at home too – they look way too bourgeoisie with a Dirndl.

Last but not least – what’s your ultimate tip for our Oktoberfest guide?
If you can, visit the Wiesn during the week. Pick a sunny day, enjoy a lazy lunch and take a stroll around the grounds. That’s the best part of the Oktoberfest. If you feel like partying you can always head inside a tent later that day!

Thanks for all your useful tips, ladies. See you at the Oktoberfest!