Party on! Five hot ideas for the perfect midsummer party

Get set to celebrate the longest day of the year! Floral decorations, a fresh ‘n’ fruity dessert and atmospheric lighting. Check out our party ideas to make it a midsummer’s night to remember.


With the longest day of the year almost upon us, it’s time to party. Did you know that in Stockholm the sun doesn’t set until 10 pm before rising again at 3.34 am? Definitely a reason to celebrate. And all you need are your favourite peeps and some simple party decorations to make it a memorable night.

1.    Flower power

Swedish women wear floral wreaths in their hair to celebrate midsummer. Get inspired and greet your guests by sticking a flower in their hair when they arrive. Don’t forget to decorate your table with flowers either. Midsummer is less about perfect floral arrangements and more about natural beauty.


2.    Delicious desserts

Whip up a light, creamy dessert and garnish with ripe raspberries. Mmmmh. Top your white chocolate and cream cheese mousse with fresh summer fruits and then chill before serving in small glasses. Dust the tops with icing sugar to add the wow factor.


3.    Shine a light

So simple, so effective. Create a shabby-chic vibe at your garden party by creating a floral water feature in an old tin tub. Fill three quarters full of water and arrange tea lights between your bobbing blooms.


4.    Turn old into new

Any old jam jars knocking about at home? Time to refashion them as vintage style vases! Tie your glass vases or bottles to sticks stuck in the ground using raffia ribbon or long grasses you’ve collected. Add a little water and stick a few individual flowers in each jar or bottle. So pretty!


5. Berry cubes

Whether you’re mixing a refreshing Hugo or a tangy Aperol Spritz, the one thing you don’t want to run out of is ice. Take homemade ice cubes to the next level by freezing fruits into them. Try a whole cherry with the stalk sticking out or plump red berries. Freezing herbs like basil and coriander is another cool trick as they lend drinks a unique fresh flavour.


A few simple ideas can make your midsummer party a night to remember. Enjoy the longest day of the year!

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