Pizza & Pasta in Mexico's Boom-Town: Bienvenida at Vapiano in Monterrey

Our new Vapiano restaurant in Monterrey is already our seventh in Mexico! Not familiar with the city yet? Let us introduce you to the pearl of the Northern Mexico!

It’s not just Australia that has 7 Vapianos, Mexico now has this magic number too! That’s because our new restaurant recently opened in Monterrey, which may be our 7th in this country but also represents our first foray outside of the capital, Mexico City.
Monterrey is known as THE Mexican party town and it is one of the most important cities for industry in all of Latin America. The city is very picturesque as it is nestled in a mountain range, which has earned Monterrey the nickname of "La Ciudad de las Montañas," or “the city of the mountains” in English.
Our Vapiano in Monterrey is located in the "Parque Arboleda,” a chic new shopping mall. With its glass façade, our restaurant blends perfectly into this sleek modern shopping center, which is located in the middle of a new residential and office district. Our Vapiano in Monterrey is actually in the best neighbourhood, as right across the street is the oldest restaurant in the city. With a total of 350 square metres, the Vapiano Monterrey has enough space to accommodate 152 people, who can order their dishes at the three pasta stations, or the salad and pizza stations.
Incidentally, our new Vapiano, here in Monterrey was planned by Country Manager Daniel Askenazi, whom we have already interviewed about the success of the restaurants in Mexico City.
Why not come over for a visit? Monterrey is considered one of the liveliest cities in Latin America and is the most popular university city in Mexico, and there’s lots to explore!

Here are three tips for your visit to Monterrey:

1. La Gran Plaza or Macroplaza

Are you in love with quirky architecture? Then make sure to take a visit to La Gran Plaza or main square. Some fun facts for you, this square is twice as large as the Red Square in Moscow and St. Peter's Square in Rome would fit more than five times inside the Gran Plaza! This square is also called the Macroplaza and was built in the 1980s, it’s adorned with fountains and sculptures, such as the Faro del Commercio - a tower built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce. The square is also lined with numerous museums and the Governor's Palace. Our pro tip is to plan your visit for the evening because during the day it can be very busy and seriously hot.
2. Cerro del Obispado

Those of you who enjoy walking could climb the Cerro del Obispado or diocese hill. From up here you have a great view of the entire city filled with 1.1 million inhabitants. You can also visit the Museum in the Episcopal Palace. You could also treat yourself to a little history lesson all about Mexico's national flags because on the road to the highest point of the hill, you will be able to see all of the flags that the Republic has ever had, all flying in the wind.
3. Barrio Antiguo

In the charming old town in the middle of Monterrey, you can buy souvenirs for mum during the day and socialise in the evening. Take a leisurely stroll through the historic streets and admire the Casa de los Titeres or puppet house, for example. On Sundays, you will find in the Calle Mina an antique flea market, make sure you give yourselves a nice amount of time to browse, as it’s truly wonderful.