Potatoes – much-loved tubers from the earth

We love potatoes – roasted, in salad, in soups or as Gnocchi. In Germany, the humble potato is a large part of the culinary culture and is indispensable in the kitchen.

Although potatoes are often thought of as being typically German, they actually originate from South America. Potatoes have been cultivated here, in Europe, on a large scale since the 18th century. After the seeds have been planted, the vegetables form subterraneous tubers, just above the ground. Depending on the variety, harvesting takes place after 90 or 160 days.

Buying and storing Potatoes
Potatoes are in season from June to October, but the tubers can still be bought all year round at the market or supermarket, because they can be stored very well. When buying potatoes you should pay particular attention to the look and feel of the potatoes as they should feel dry and firm. Shrunken or moist potatoes, which have already changed colour don’t belong in your shopping basket.
The vegetables are stored best in a dark, cool place at around 5 to 10 celsius.

Which potato varieties belong in your cupboard: starchy or all-purpose potatoes?
If you are going to buy potatoes in Germany, you usually have the choice between floury/starchy, waxy and primarily waxy potatoes. But what is the difference? Well, generally, the higher the starch content, the drier and milder the potato is.

After cooking, starchy potatoes frequently split, fall apart and become fluffy, making them ideal for mashed potatoes, stews or dumplings. Of the three types, these have the highest starch content. The potatoes with a medium amount of starch are the all-purpose potatoes, these are all-round heroes and are especially good for dishes such as fried potatoes or baked potatoes. Then there’s the waxy potatoes, these hold up well after cooking, so you can use them to conjure up a delicious potato salad.

The perfect party snack
You’ve been invited to a party and you need something to add to the buffet? Never fear! With potatoes, you can whip up a number of easy and tasty dishes. A classic potato salad is great for filling up those with an appetite, and you can add an exciting twist by adding exciting ingredients such as Avocado or green asparagus. Homemade baked potatoes fresh out of the oven, or a fluffy potato bread are also fantastic for entertaining party guests. Serve them all up with our vegan dips for the perfect evening!