Tricks & Tips

Prepping fennel the easy way

As well as being incredibly tasty, fennel is also available for most of the year. However, many shoppers are reluctant to try fennel because they’re unsure how to prepare it. Now our Vapianisti are on hand to explain how to get the best out of this bulb-like vegetable.

Whether in a soup, pan-fried with fish or meat, or raw in a crunchy salad – the sweet, aniseed taste of fennel complements a whole host of recipes. Before it is eaten, it needs to be washed and prepped though.  “Wash the fennel before removing any brown or dry areas with a sharp knife,” our Vapianisti says. When it comes to cutting up the vegetable, start by removing the green shoots at the top. “Don’t bin them though!” says our Vapianisti. “The greenery at the top is perfect as a garnish or for seasoning salads and dressings.” Just like dill, the leaves can also be frozen so they’re on hand whenever you need them.


Cutting up fennel – slices, strips or cubes


Although the white-green bulb has a slightly odd appearance, preparation is simple. The only part of the vegetable that can’t be eaten is the thick stem in the middle. “Cut the washed fennel into quarters and remove the core with a sharp knife,” our Vapianisti recommends. Then simply cut the rest of bulb into cubes, slices or strips. Fennel only needs cooking for a few minutes. “Just like in our Pasta Frutti di Mare, which is part of our current Specials menu, fennel tastes especially good with fish,” our Vapianisti knows. Or add it raw to a crunchy summer salad.

Buon appetito!

Christian, Vapianisti