Purple Tea Cranberry – our new ice tea has landed!

A glass of ice tea is one of summer’s most refreshing drinks so we’re super excited to announce the arrival of our latest creation – Purple Tea Cranberry! The new kid on the ice tea block is fruity-fresh, reddy-purple and less sweet that its Vapiano cousins. Try it next time you’re here!

It’s all in the mixOur new Purple Tea Cranberry drink is all about our favourite fruits. We’ve blended a selection of rosehip, hibiscus flowers, blackcurrants, blueberries and apple with elderberry juice, and then added a splash of cranberry juice for extra freshness on those hot summer days or balmy nights.Just like the other varieties, Purple Tea Cranberry is made using selected fruit teas, which are brewed and then lovingly blended. Cranberry crazyBerries are natural bursts of concentrated sweetness. We love eating them fresh when they’re in season, but their juice is just as tasty when harvest time is over. And right now, cranberries are one hip berry. These tiny red energy bombs were originally collected and eaten by Native Americans, but today they’re a popular choice right across the globe. However, as the berries are too sour to be eaten fresh, they’re usually dried and sweetened first. Dried cranberries have a longer lifespan and taste delicious in salads, as a muesli topping or mixed with nuts and seeds as a mid-morning snack. And now we’ve taken this berry’s unique aroma and bottled it. Literally!  No gluten, no caffeine, no lactose You can enjoy our Purple Tea Cranberry knowing that it’s caffeine-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. The mild-fruity flavour is wonderfully refreshing, especially for those who don’t like overly sweet drinks. Its deep red-purple colour means our new arrival looks just as good as it tastes and is already inspiring a range of summer drinks and cocktails. Think cranberry ice cubes bobbing in a glass of sparkling Prosecco. Mmmmmh!  Lime, mint, soda water – we’re ready to get mixing! Why not tell us how you plan to use Purple Tea Cranberry at your own summer party?



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