Rebecca & Philip report on their Dual Study Programs with Vapiano

Dual study programs with Vapiano, are a great way to take the theoretical knowledge from the lecture hall and apply it to real-life. Here, dual students Rebecca and Philip explain.

Philip Götz is currently in the third semester of his studies in Gastronomy at the International Academy of Professional Education in Heidelberg. Rebecca Rensinghoff is studying Food Management at the DHBW Heilbronn in her fifth semester.

How did you decide which course you wanted to take and to have Vapiano as a partner company?


Rebecca: I was interested in business economics but I knew that a full-time study program would be too boring for me. I am a very passionate cook, and love to bake and exchange recipes with other people in this field. This meant that the dual study program with Vapiano appealed to me instantly. This way, I  get to learn something from both worlds, and can also apply everything I learn. For me, that’s like hitting the jackpot! I already loved the unique concept, food and atmosphere at Vapiano, so when I found out that they were listed as a dual partner, I decided to go for it.

Philip: I chose this study program because I’m really interested in food and the focus on Gastronomy really appealed to me. My decision to study with Vapiano was made after my trial day. I had applied for several companies, but the trial day was so much fun that it became immediately obvious that a dual study program with Vapiano was what I wanted to do.


How much of your time do you spend in the restaurant?


Philip: As a rule, I'm at the restaurant three days a week, my academy always ensures that every week involves both technical and academic aspects. So, all in all,  I’m in the restaurant for up to 24 hours a week.


Rebecca: Half of my study time is designated to the practical side of things. However, it’s slightly different for me. Each semester at DHBW Heilbronn is about six months long and I spend three months studying solely at the university in Heilbronn and three months practicing my skills in the restaurant.


What do you do at Vapiano – do you have a typical daily routine?


Rebecca: In my restaurant, I work in management as a shift leader. That means, that my day at the restaurant depends on which shift I have. For each shift, I’m responsible for managing the daily business in the restaurant. I have a lot of different tasks – I coordinate the employees on my shift, handle the goods orders, accept deliveries, carry out inventories, and act as a designated contact person for both guests and employees. These are just some of the tasks I do every day. There is no real daily routine as no day is like the next, but that makes it incredibly exciting and varied!

Philip: Since I am now able to work across all stations, I switch a lot throughout the day and can be pretty flexible, especially if a specific station needs my support. I’m also taking on more management tasks.


What are the challenges of running a restaurant?

Philip: The main challenges in my eyes, are ensuring that everything runs smoothly, and that the other Vapianisti have fun and feel motivated, so that the guests have the best possible experience with us. That’s why I think it’s very important to help when and wherever I can and be there when someone needs someone to listen to them.

Rebecca: My own goal is to meet everyone in the restaurant. I really want the guests to feel comfortable and to feel like they’re being taken care of. I also like looking out for the needs of the staff too. I really enjoy the challenges of this job.


Would you recommend the dual study programs with Vapiano to others?

Rebecca: I would recommend the dual study programs to anyone who wants more from their studies than a purely theoretical and lecture based course. The balance of theory and practice makes the whole course really exciting and it allows you to apply all of your knowledge in a working environment.


Philip: I think the concept of dual studies is great! I would definitely recommend it if you want to have an insight into working life whilst at university and would like to get to know different tasks.


For Rebecca and Philip – the next goal is to complete their degrees. When asked about future plans, both can imagine getting themselves a permanent job at Vapiano after their studies.

What do you do if you are not at the restaurant or in lectures?

Rebecca: I love playing football with my local club, and I’ve even learned a lot of skills from this that are also applicable at work. Plus, it always feels good to take time out.


Philip: I really like cooking at home despite the fact that I also cook at work. I especially love making pizza and pasta! I also love growing my own vegetables and cooking with these too. And, I'm a big basketball fan.


Last but not least: What are YOUR favourite Vapiano dishes!

Philip: When it comes to pasta, I always go for Aglio e Olio with a lot of parsley and dried tomatoes, my favourite pizza is the classic Funghi.

Rebecca: My favorite dish changes constantly, but currently it’s the classic spaghetti carbonara with lots of garlic!

Thank you both very much, for your time and for sharing your insights from your student life with us. We wish you all the very best with the rest of your studies!