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Regrowing old vegetables

Recycling vegetables not only saves money, it’s a fascinating process. A whole new plant grows from a piece of veg you would normally chuck in the bin. Today we reveal which vegetables are easiest to regrow. All you need is a sunny spot, a bowl or glass of water, a plant pot and some earth.

1.    Lettuce & cabbage
With cabbages and lettuces or iceberg lettuces, all you need to do is place a few leaves in a bowl with 2-3 cm of water. Left in a bright spot, roots soon appear that you can then plant. Just remember to change the water with the leaves in regularly. 

Onions & spring onions
Onions are a kitchen essential. Cut around 1 cm off the onion’s root end, place in a pot and cover lightly with earth. Keep the earth moist and watch the new shoots sprout.
For spring onions, cut off the white end with the roots and place in a glass of water. After 5-7 days they will start to grow again.

Basil & mint
Garden herbs like basil and mint are super easy to grow. Simply cut off a stalk, place it in a glass of water and wait. Once roots have sprouted, transfer your herb to a plant pot and watch it multiply!

It’s also easy to grow your own celery. Cut off the bottom end with the roots and place in a glass of water. Change the water every 5-7 days and keep the glass in a bright, warm spot. Soon new shoots will appear that grow into new plants.

Grow a bulb from a single clove! Plant the last garlic clove in a pot and keep the earth moist. One green shoots appear you can cut them back so all the plant’s energy goes straight into the roots. This encourages faster growth.

If root ginger is left in a bright place, it soon grows shoots. To regrow ginger, cut off a 3-5 cm long piece with shoots and plant with the side you’ve cut facing down and the shoots facing upwards. Place in a warm spot out of direct sunlight and keep the earth moist. The first green shoots will soon appear. Leave them to grow for a couple of months. Once they wilt it means the growth phase has finished. Dig out your ginger root and marvel at how much it’s grown!

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