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Rhubarb ‘n’ Berries Spritz & Co: Tangy summer drinks to make at home

From April, Vapiano will start serving tasty summer drinks again. Find out here what classics are on the menu again this year, and discover our new creations. We’re also sharing three recipes that you can mix yourself.

It’s finally getting warmer and – at last – you can enjoy our zingy summer drinks again! Because without delicious summer drinks, warm summer evenings would only be half as nice. That’s why our top sellers are back on the menu at Vapiano: fruity Strawberry Basil Spritz, and alcohol-free Lime & Ginger Lemonade. But we’ve also dreamt up some new recipes, so this year for the very first time you can sample Rhubarb ‘n’ Berries Spritz with rhubarb liqueur and prosecco, and Cocktail Vapirinha with white rum and our Vapiano Ice Tea Elderflower Mint. For those who prefer to leave out the alcohol, we have home-made Raspberry Lemonade with raspberries and lime. The summer drinks are available at Vapiano from April – for a limited period only.



 Summer drinks to make yourself


Whether it’s for the first garden party of the year, or a relaxed evening on your balcony – we’ve got three easy recipes for delicious drinks that taste of summer.

Ginger Pear Spritz


Ice cubes

3 cl pear nectar

3 cl ginger beer

10 cl prosecco

1/8 pear, cut into wedges

Place the ice cubes in a wineglass, followed by the pear nectar and the ginger beer. Top up with prosecco and stir. Decorate the drink with pear wedges, and enjoy!

Strawberry Mojito


½ lime

2 teaspoons white cane sugar

12 mint leaves, torn into pieces

approx. 100 ml crushed ice

4 cl strawberry topping (blend frozen strawberries with sugar)

5 cl white rum

6 cl soda water

2 strawberries, quartered

1 sprig of mint

Squeeze the lime into a glass. Add the sugar and mint, and squash a little with a pestle. Add the ice cubes, strawberry topping, rum, strawberries and soda water. Garnish with mint.

Wild Berry Mint Lemonade Base (makes 1.2 l)


1 l water

300 g mixed berries (e.g. blackberries raspberries or strawberries)

1½ lemons

50 g sugar

60 g mint

Squeeze the lemons and boil up the juice with water, sugar and the berries in a saucepan. Switch off the heat, and add the mint. Leave for 10 minutes. Pass through a fine sieve and crush the berries well with a spoon. Allow to cool to room temperature. Put the lemonade base into a bottle and use within five days.

Wild Berry Mint Lemonade (alcohol-free)


Ice cubes

25 cl Wildberry Mint Lemonade base

25 cl soda water

1 tablespoon mixed berries

1 sprig of mint

To make Wild Berry Mint Lemonade, put ice cubes, lemonade base and soda water into a glass. Add the mixed berries and decorate with mint.

Have fun mixing and savouring your summer drinks!


Jana, Marketing Manager