Six of the best small Christmas markets!

We’ve been looking high and low for the very best smaller Christmas markets. Here we tell you which ones stand out from the crowd – get ready to be transported back to the Middle Ages, onto the water or around a farm!

"Jingle Bells" and hordes of people clustered around the mulled wine stands – this is probably what you might think of when you think about Christmas markets. But, it doesn’t have to be! Throughout Germany, there are a number of very special Christmas markets, boasting homemade delicacies and original gift ideas galore, all in a more tranquil setting.

Findorffer Winterzauber

The slaughterhouse in the middle of the Findorrf neighborhood in Bremen, is a cultural haven. In the summer, there’s a beer garden here and, in November, the whole area transforms into a winter village, with traditional wooden huts offering delicious treats for everyone, including vegans, and a selection of alcoholic winter warmers. The homely fires and twinkling fairy lights hanging in the old trees fill this very special Christmas market with a magical glow. The winter village opens its doors on the 15th November and will be open every day from 5pm, for the weeks leading up to Christmas.

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Christmas cheer in the countryside
Hands up who wants to go on a trip to Schleswig-Holstein to visit an 800-year-old farm! Gut Basthorst is only 35 kilometers away from Hamburg and can even be reached via a shuttle bus from the main bus station. The market, nestled amongst magnificent old farm buildings hosts up to 300 stalls. Here you can try elderberry punch, smoked fish, baked apple and much more. This Christmas market is open every weekend from Friday - Sunday, from 11am to 7pm from the last weekend in November, with lots to discover, especially for the little ones. Children up to 16 years get in free and for adults admission costs just 5 euros.

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From Berlin to Sweden?
The centre of Berlin, holds a very special Swedish secret. Here you will find one of the most beautiful Christmas markets – the Swedish Lucia market, which takes place in the inner courtyards of the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg. Surrounded by 19th-century brick architecture and lit by Swedish fires and candlelight, here you will find Swedish craftsmanship and treats such as Glögg – the Scandi version of mulled wine. A nostalgic swing carousel and swinging boats await the smallest guests. Doors open from the 21st of November – so get ready to enjoy a nice meal or warm drink here on weekdays from 3pm and on weekends from 1pm, admission is free.

Journey to the Middle Ages
In the middle of Dresden's historic city center, between the festively lit stalls of the Residenzschloss’ stable yard, you will find a special medieval Christmas market. Craftsmen in full Medieval dress display their wares and you can find a barrel maker, a harness maker and a horn carver. Immerse yourself in the past, taste the mead, listen to the sounds of the court musicians and hear the stories given by Knight Thomasius whilst sitting on his unicorn! This market is open from the 29th of November, come along and savor the old-worldly smells of honey, leather, smoke and beeswax.

Special Christmas fun with pirate ship
Also a medieval Christmas market in the Fredenbaumpark in Dortmund is the unmissable "Fantastic Lights Christmas Market," which takes place from the 23rd of November every weekend. The setting alone is magical, all around the lake the trees shine in the light of torches and small fires and there are chess tournaments, fire, night concerts and wild dances. A special highlight is the pirate shipyard and its impressive pirate ship!

Advent at the harbor
On Lake Constance, in Lindau, you can enjoy the twilight hours at the "Lindauer Hafenweihnacht." Make sure to get there just as the sky behind the lighthouse begins to darken and the festive lights become reflected on the water’s surface. Let the night watchman show you around the old town, listen to the chorus music and discover all sorts of craftwork in the wooden houses. Top it all off by enjoying some delicious food and drinks. Take an adventure along the harbor promenade from 23rd of November to the 17th December, the market will be open every weekend from 11am onwards.

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