Summer vibes – DIY ideas for a perfect summer

Summer’s here and we’re loving the summer vibes. Embrace summer with our fun ideas anyone can make at home. And then head to the park to soak up the sun!

Fruit kebabs

Fruit salad is sooo last season. This year’s must-have summer snacks are colourful fruit skewers that taste just as good as they look. They’re super easy to make and perfect for picnics as you don’t need any cutlery! 

Cocktail umbrella wreath 

Remember those little paper umbrellas you see in cocktails or on ice cream sundaes? Turns out you can still buy them. Up their cool stakes by bulk buying and creating a colourful summer wreath! Use it as a garden party decoration or hang it on your door to celebrate summer.

Beaded curtain

Summer is when the windows and the balcony door are open all day. Mesh coverings stop wasps and flies buzzing into your home, but a beaded curtain is so much prettier. Your local craft shop is sure to stock everything you need. Try using shells from your last beach holiday instead of beads. Or integrate broken pieces of jewellery and earrings for a more boho feel. 

Floaty ribbons

Listen to the leaves rustling in the light summer breeze. As well as cooling us down, a breeze can be just as uplifting. Tie colourful ribbons to a tree branch or furniture to catch the breeze at your summer party. The more you use, the more striking the effect. 

Lawn shapes

Make the most of your lawn by decorating it for your party. Cut the grass first. Then, all you need is a large sheet of paper or card, a pair of scissors and a packet of flour. Cut a shape out of the paper and use it as a template for your flour motifs. Use a fine sieve creates neater shapes. 

Lemon candles

Summer is the season for mosquitoes, but don’t panic. These lemon candles will keep them at a safe distance. Visit your local craft shop to buy wicks and wax. Melt the wax over a bain-marie and add citronella oil. Use old jam jars, small flower pots or even scooped out lemon skins to pour the wax into to create your candles. Voilá!


Give old objects a new lease of life using blackboard paint. Pop to your local DIY store to get a piece of wood cut to size. Apply two coats of blackboard paint and create a sign showing the way to your party or a board with a list of drinks. Oh, and forget about dusty old pieces of school chalk from our childhood. Invest in a chalk pen for a smarter finish. 

So pour yourself a cool drink or a refreshing glass of ice tea and get creative. Whether for your own home or as a unique gift for the host, nothing compares to homemade! 

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