The best 7 vegan cookbooks by Attila Hildmann & friends

The unprecedented success of Attila Hildmann’s cookery books is proof that vegan cuisine is anything but boring. We’ve compiled our top 7 vegan celebrity cookbooks – all penned by stars such as actress Alicia Silverstone and music manager Andreas Bär Lasker.

Contrary to popular belief, the vegan diet is not all about restrictions. And now some big names, such as Alicia Silverstone or Attila Hildmann, are lending their support to a vegan lifestyle by publishing cookbooks with their favourite vegan recipes. Here are our favourites.

1. Attila Hildmann –  Vegan für fit (Vegan For Fit)

With a total of nine cookbooks, Attila Hildmann has certainly found his own personal recipe for success. His latest book “Vegan For Fit” demonstrates just what you can achieve in 30 days with the right nutrition and exercise. In addition to his delicious vegan recipes, there are lots of great fitness ideas. Want proof that it works? Look how much weight Attila Hildmann has lost!

2. Björn Moschinksi – Vegan kochen für alle (Vegan Cooking For Everyone)

Werksführung bei Soyananda... Extrem spannend! Wie schmecken Euch die Produkte? Like für Lecker :)

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Björn Moschinksi is a vegan chef and, together with Attila Hildmann, one of Germany’s most prominent vegans. His message: you don’t need meat for food to taste great. Readers of his cookbook “Vegan Cooking For Everyone” are shown some exciting alternatives to schnitzel and dairy products.  

3. Alicia Silverstone – The Kind Diet

Actress Alicia Silverstone has been vegan since 1998. Her book “The Kind Diet” is packed with expert tips and 120 meat-free recipes. She also explains how following a vegan diet is not only good for you but kinder to our planet too. What’s not to like?  

4. Jerôme Eckmeier – Vegan. Tut gut – schmeckt gut. (Vegan – Feels Good, Tastes Good)

Jerôme Eckmeier’s “Vegan – Feels Good, Tastes Good” showcases around 90 simple but exciting recipes, such as orange-avocado bruschetta, rosemary rösti with sour cream, mini vegan calzone, and carrot spaghetti with chilli-vanilla sauce. There’s also a section dedicated to vegan barbecuing.

5. Lea Green – Vegan With Love

Lea Green launched her vegan cookery blog in 2013 and recently published her book “Vegan With Love”. Unlike Attila Hildmann, who uses replacement products such as soya, Lea focuses on lots and lots (and lots) of vegetables! From burgers and pizza to wonderfully moist cakes, Lea shows exactly how versatile vegan (and vegetable) cuisine can be.


6. Andreas Bär Läsker – No Need For Meat


As a former jury member on Germany’s biggest casting show “DSDS”, Andreas Bär Läsker is proof that fast food and veganism can go hand in hand. As well as running “XOND” – a successful vegan fast food chain in Stuttgart – he has also written the aptly titled vegan cookbook “No Need For Meat”.  As well as lots of great recipes, Andreas reveals why he decided to become vegan. “If you can stick to a vegan lifestyle, the only animal you’re responsible for killing is the lazy pig inside you!” he jokes.


7. Nicole Just – La Veganista

Vegan, yes – missing out, no! This is the motto vegan blogger Nicole from chose for her first recipe collection entitled “La Veganista”. It’s a triumph of a book, which shows her grandfather (a seasoned butcher!) as well as readers everywhere just how diverse vegan cooking can be. What’s more, the recipes often have useful variations in case you’re missing a key ingredient at home.

And because we love trying out new recipes, here are three more cookbooks we love. These stars don’t follow a vegan diet like those above, but they all inspire us to eat more healthily.

Gwyneth Paltrow – It’s All Good

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is convinced that healthy eating is integral to looking good, and has banished sugar, gluten and lactose from her diet. Her book “It’s All Good: Delicious, Easy Recipes That Will Make You Look Good And Feel Great” has lots of healthy recipes, including some vegan fare.

Daisy Lowe – Sweetness & Light

Model Daisy Lowe’s cookbook is the answer to many women’s prayers. In “Sweetness & Light” Daisy proves that cakes and desserts can be healthy too with all 60 recipes entirely free of refined white sugar. There are also gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options. We think Attila Hildmann and the others should focus more on vegan cakes and desserts too!

Paul & Stella McCartney – The Meatfree Monday Cookbook

Even Attila Hildmann has nothing on rock royalty Paul McCartney. The idea of a “meat-free Monday” was introduced in 2003and has the support of both the former Beatle and his daughter Stella. Paul’s cookbook has 52 different meat-free recipes – one for every Monday of the year. Could one meat-free day a week be the start of a new, more healthy you?

And did you know? Vegans are always welcome at Vapiano. Check out our new menu to see just how many vegan dishes there are to choose from!