The culinary G7 – our new Vapiano Specials

Around the world in seven dishes! Our final seven Specials of 2018 come straight from our Vapianisti and are set to you take on the culinary trip of a lifetime. Pop in and try them soon.


The last Specials of the year have launched and these ones come with a twist. Why? All seven come from Vapianisti across the globe. After asking our employees to come up with their own creations, 150 recipes from over twenty countries were submitted. Narrowing it down to a mere seven was no mean feat. The winners’ dishes are the stars of our new Specials menu and one thing is already clear: with so much regional and international influence, you’ll be spoilt for choice!


Two salads to choose from 

Let’s kick things off with our two new Insalata creations. Insalata Asiatico is the idea of Nathalie Gourdin from Germany, and just as the name suggest it’s characterised by a melee of Asian flavours. Sautéed beef filet rests on a bed of baby spinach, cucumber, zoodles, beluga lentils, spring onions, coriander and roasted cashews – all topped with a tangy lime and chilli dressing. It’s served with a mango salsa, fresh mint, lime and sesame oil. 

Less Asian but just as tasty is Insalata Calabria by Helena Schneiders, another German. She’s combined grilled sweet-and-sour courgette and bacon pieces with rocket, lambs lettuce, cherry tomatoes and green beans. It’s seasoned with a balsamic dressing, goat’s cheese and rosemary. Choices, choices!


From Egypt to Luxemburg 

Hungry for pasta? Mahmoud Sultan from Egypt and Olivier Bazzani from Luxemburg have come up with two mouth-watering dishes. Mahmoud’s Pasta Bisteca di Balsamico features sautéed beef filet with mushrooms and white onions in a creamy sauce of balsamic vinegar, lemon and butter. It’s served with a sprinkling of Grana Padano D.O.P., and our Vapianisti recommend adding a pinch of chilli and some garlic. 

Olivier’s hearty Pasta Meatballs Marinara recipe comes with meatballs in a tomato and white wine sauce, garnished with fresh parsley and Grana Padano D.O.P. Buon appetito!


Gorgonzola or salmon? Your call!  

Birgit Riivit’s Pizza Pesto e Salmone is designed to whisk your taste buds on a trip to Estonia! Creamy basil pesto, onions and mozzarella perfectly complement gravad salmon, cranberries, fresh dill and Cipriani sour cream sauce.  

And then there’s Jelena Njagojevic’s Risotto Gorgonzola e Spinaci. The Serb has created a rich rice dish with fried bacon pieces, onions, walnuts and pear in a creamy white wine sauce with Gorgonzola spring onions, baby spinach and basil. It’s every cheese lover’s dream. 


Last stop – Chilean Dolci 

Any room for dessert? Clorinda Yances from Chile has put a new twist on an old South American favourite, leaving us no choice but to include her delicious Lima Sigh of Maracuya on the Specials menu. Savour creamy dulce de leche with fresh yoghurt and a tangy passion fruit sauce. Mmmmh!


Our new Specials will be served until 14 January 2019. Which country will you visit first?